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your discussion international is a good idea to replace the
  discussion at home with friends and familly
  it will help us to meet different people
  than those circles of friends we ve been accustomed with
  but Gilles Deleuze criticized friendship as a motor for thinking, and thinking indeed
  is what we need for the revolution to take place
  it seems for conservatist instinct out of the question
  that such a sentence might one day makes its sense for the reader
  but then revolution asks itself why is is not interesting
  and this
  is why i need to know what hooks to you to your habits
  and see and have clearer pic of you, so
  that is explaining what i need to desexplained in case i want not to hook to the same
  mysteryes and then ask once more
  what do you think an international duiscussion can do in favour of what?

hwenk <hwenk at web.de> wrote:

after you are full of good advice her is mine.
The best is to ask yourself what you are seeking in DEleuze and Guattari.

>From a professional and academical philosohpical point of view the study of
"Difference and Repetition" is most valuable.

This is because repetition plays a eminent role in everday life.

If you are want to have an easy insight the lecture
of the seminar papers are very good.

But it maybe the best idea to sit down and write first without any fureading
of Deleuze
what do
you think about psychology, especially "I" psychology and psychonaliyis,
economy, especially Marx and followers (Bernard Schmitt), politics,
especially anarchism,
ethics especially in regard of hierarchies and authorities.

After that one can perhaps say more if it is really
worth for you making such efforts to read the complicated books.

greetings Harald Wenk

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