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as far as I know, the population of the earth is still growing.
The only possibilty to avoid starving of more people is to
increase the production of food.
In Europe and Japan, maybe also in the USA, there is
overproduction of food concerning their own markets.
But in the more poor countries of the third world this is of course not the

Therfore I tink it maybe better to use the scientific knowledge
coming from microbiology and to increase  the production of food even
genetically and make it more resistent.
In general more knowledge - most scientific -  and application of this
knowledge is necessary
and not less.

It is indeed a problem that wide parts of the left had turned against
the morden technology with the ecological movement from the 1980ies.
At that time pollution was very strong, in europe more than in USA - which
is much bigger.
Ecology has also teahed to look how nature is working if you let her alone
and not
supressed or forced by mankind.
There is a desire to live in harmony with nature.
But nature often is a little bit hostile to mankind
and in reality there is very little untouched nature left.

But thinking ecological is in my eyes thimking in termes of harmony and long
the children of the children of the children .. should also live
happy without any danger on this earth.

greetings Harald WEnk

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First I propose a discussion on OGM
  Organic Modified Food

  It seems that scientists based and supported by the American US States
  can gain new markets, for example in Europe, by these new type of food.
  France so far sipports her peasants.
  People claim to struggle against this robbery.

  To me this struggle is OK.

  Novalis said that Writing are State's Thinking.

  So What is thinking essence (deepening Spinoza's ideas Exposed in Ethics
book 2, what is writing if we do not belong to the, if
  we're here in a revolutionary context. Opposed to subjugation to "
our"States, "our" UN states etc. Right?

  I give the high fidelity radiophones to other one baladeS.

  RegAAds , from your monkey pal Gondo./

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