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here, here.

I fully agree.

there's a really great line near the end of KINGDOM COME (Waid + Ross),
where the UN Secretary-General is considering the deployment of tactical
nuclear weapons on American soil.

he makes his plea to the General Assembly:

'We can hear their battle even now. It threatens to engulf us even at this
great a distance. Listen to me people, there's nothing rational about
deploying a nuclear arsenal on American soil. But the only way future
generations will remember this as our final option, is if we ensure that
there are future generations.'

I think thats bout the cut of it.


On 2/21/06, hwenk <hwenk at web.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> as far as I know, the population of the earth is still growing.
> The only possibilty to avoid starving of more people is to
> increase the production of food.
> In Europe and Japan, maybe also in the USA, there is
> overproduction of food concerning their own markets.
> But in the more poor countries of the third world this is of course not
> the
> case.
> Therfore I tink it maybe better to use the scientific knowledge
> coming from microbiology and to increase  the production of food even
> genetically and make it more resistent.
> In general more knowledge - most scientific -  and application of this
> knowledge is necessary
> and not less.
> It is indeed a problem that wide parts of the left had turned against
> the morden technology with the ecological movement from the 1980ies.
> At that time pollution was very strong, in europe more than in USA - which
> is much bigger.
> Ecology has also teahed to look how nature is working if you let her alone
> and not
> supressed or forced by mankind.
> There is a desire to live in harmony with nature.
> But nature often is a little bit hostile to mankind
> and in reality there is very little untouched nature left.
> But thinking ecological is in my eyes thimking in termes of harmony and
> long
> terms,
> the children of the children of the children .. should also live
> happy without any danger on this earth.
> greetings Harald WEnk
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> First I propose a discussion on OGM
> Organic Modified Food
> It seems that scientists based and supported by the American US States
> can gain new markets, for example in Europe, by these new type of food.
> France so far sipports her peasants.
> People claim to struggle against this robbery.
> To me this struggle is OK.
> Novalis said that Writing are State's Thinking.
> So What is thinking essence (deepening Spinoza's ideas Exposed in Ethics
> book 2, what is writing if we do not belong to the, if
> we're here in a revolutionary context. Opposed to subjugation to "
> our"States, "our" UN states etc. Right?
> I give the high fidelity radiophones to other one baladeS.
> RegAAds , from your monkey pal Gondo./
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