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Gondo -Minnie gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 20 07:50:14 PST 2006

First I propose a discussion on OGM
  Organic Modified Food
  It seems that scientists based and supported by the American US States
  can gain new markets, for example in Europe, by these new type of food.
  France so far sipports her peasants.
  People claim to struggle against this robbery.
  To me this struggle is OK.
  Novalis said that Writing are State's Thinking.
  So What is thinking essence (deepening Spinoza's ideas Exposed in Ethics book 2, what is writing if we do not belong to the, if
  we're here in a revolutionary context. Opposed to subjugation to " our"States, "our" UN states etc. Right?
  I give the high fidelity radiophones to other one baladeS.
  RegAAds , from your monkey pal Gondo./

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