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I think read the soon to be published in English Guattari notes about 
writing Anti-Oedipus and in general read Anti-Oedipus for the answer to some 
of your original questions.  Keep writing about this, I think.

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> Help me Liza, with you're statement "you gotta invent by yurself away!" As
> for being mad and going to La Borde clinic, amusingly part of my role as a
> rebelious psychihatrist, buying patient's cigarettes's and a guitar so 
> that
> we could we could sing our collective experiences, was vieved by my bosses
> as being sign of mental illness and after being dismissed I had to see 4
> psychiatrists before I was deemed fit to reutrn to work as a doctor. They
> fucked me good and proper for trying to fight on behelf of the patients.
> There would be no need for me to pretend to be mad, but I don't see 
> anything
> salvedgeable in British psychiatry given the corruptness at the heart of 
> it.
> An old friend of mine is now the dean of the Royal College of 
> psychiatrists
> and when he heard I had been suspended, in part for taking patients out 
> for
> a walk, buying them cigarettes, playing music etc he said to me "What the
> hell did you think you were doing, don't you know the patients are themost
> expendible objects in the system and you're the most next most expendible 
> (I
> think he was reffering to Junior Doctors). Given that this is coming form
> the Dean of The Royal College, what hope can there be?
> I feel like publishing a play based on my experiences but I think there 
> are
> only a few people who really care.
> So I think perhaps Delluzian dreams cradle my sorrow but Delluze surely
> isn't about sorrow?
> Nick
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>>don't get depressive.
>>   Isabelle holds loads of links
>>    1) what you do brought good. I strongly recommend see Life is 
>> Beautiful
>>by Capra 2 cure to melancholy and sense of the Tragic in experience (lived
>>by those strange Professorates Schizopfs) 2)Deleuze has no Systematic
>>Thinking. he only has becoming, he is unreachable. maybe he is uneffable,
>>de-proeminent.  there's no feelings they had which they did not reanalysed
>>in their writings. everything they said could be contradicted in a way by
>>one word in the Felix Guattari archives., to get to the point. they are
>>subjected by the readers. their point. so to be truthfullthy with point
>>theory, you gotta invent by yurself away..
>>   Guattari was Psychoanalyser, and was very committed in his experience.
>>are you young. pretend to be mad go to La Borde where he studied with an
>>other Doctor. eat the chemicals and do 56 asylum and come back to the list
>>to publish it here.
>>   Regds
>>   Lizza.:// /
>>nicholas lalvani <nicholaslalvani at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>    I was extremely naive in entering psychiatry with the hope
>>of achieving anything which the "patients" mind find of value to their
>>I would like to know if there is a good introduction to the work of D+G
>>which can lead on to further study and also what people's opinions are as
>>whether D+G feel there is anything worthwhile about thepursuit of
>>at all.
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