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Help me Liza, with you're statement "you gotta invent by yurself away!" As 
for being mad and going to La Borde clinic, amusingly part of my role as a 
rebelious psychihatrist, buying patient's cigarettes's and a guitar so that 
we could we could sing our collective experiences, was vieved by my bosses 
as being sign of mental illness and after being dismissed I had to see 4 
psychiatrists before I was deemed fit to reutrn to work as a doctor. They 
fucked me good and proper for trying to fight on behelf of the patients. 
There would be no need for me to pretend to be mad, but I don't see anything 
salvedgeable in British psychiatry given the corruptness at the heart of it. 
An old friend of mine is now the dean of the Royal College of psychiatrists 
and when he heard I had been suspended, in part for taking patients out for 
a walk, buying them cigarettes, playing music etc he said to me "What the 
hell did you think you were doing, don't you know the patients are themost 
expendible objects in the system and you're the most next most expendible (I 
think he was reffering to Junior Doctors). Given that this is coming form 
the Dean of The Royal College, what hope can there be?

I feel like publishing a play based on my experiences but I think there are 
only a few people who really care.

So I think perhaps Delluzian dreams cradle my sorrow but Delluze surely 
isn't about sorrow?


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>don't get depressive.
>   Isabelle holds loads of links
>    1) what you do brought good. I strongly recommend see Life is Beautiful 
>by Capra 2 cure to melancholy and sense of the Tragic in experience (lived 
>by those strange Professorates Schizopfs) 2)Deleuze has no Systematic 
>Thinking. he only has becoming, he is unreachable. maybe he is uneffable, 
>de-proeminent.  there's no feelings they had which they did not reanalysed 
>in their writings. everything they said could be contradicted in a way by 
>one word in the Felix Guattari archives., to get to the point. they are 
>subjected by the readers. their point. so to be truthfullthy with point 
>theory, you gotta invent by yurself away..
>   Guattari was Psychoanalyser, and was very committed in his experience. 
>are you young. pretend to be mad go to La Borde where he studied with an 
>other Doctor. eat the chemicals and do 56 asylum and come back to the list 
>to publish it here.
>   Regds
>   Lizza.:// /
>nicholas lalvani <nicholaslalvani at hotmail.com> wrote:
>    I was extremely naive in entering psychiatry with the hope
>of achieving anything which the "patients" mind find of value to their
>I would like to know if there is a good introduction to the work of D+G
>which can lead on to further study and also what people's opinions are as 
>whether D+G feel there is anything worthwhile about thepursuit of 
>at all.
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