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don't get depressive.
  Isabelle holds loads of links
   1) what you do brought good. I strongly recommend see Life is Beautiful by Capra 2 cure to melancholy and sense of the Tragic in experience (lived by those strange Professorates Schizopfs) 2)Deleuze has no Systematic Thinking. he only has becoming, he is unreachable. maybe he is uneffable, de-proeminent.  there's no feelings they had which they did not reanalysed in their writings. everything they said could be contradicted in a way by one word in the Felix Guattari archives., to get to the point. they are subjected by the readers. their point. so to be truthfullthy with point theory, you gotta invent by yurself away.. 
  Guattari was Psychoanalyser, and was very committed in his experience. are you young. pretend to be mad go to La Borde where he studied with an other Doctor. eat the chemicals and do 56 asylum and come back to the list to publish it here.
  Lizza.:// /

nicholas lalvani <nicholaslalvani at hotmail.com> wrote:
   I was extremely naive in entering psychiatry with the hope 
of achieving anything which the "patients" mind find of value to their 

I would like to know if there is a good introduction to the work of D+G 
which can lead on to further study and also what people's opinions are as to 
whether D+G feel there is anything worthwhile about thepursuit of psychiatry 
at all.



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