[D-G] deleuze and benjamin on violence

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 15:30:11 PDT 2006

At least between you and me, I feel like I'm getting an education
about some subjects that i would otherwise be ignorant, and this I
appreciate( I hope to provide for you a unique reading that can be
expanded instead of excluding). So in whatever capacity you'd like to
continue, be welcome. I am not trying to be a fiesty bastard with what
you talk about (re:stasis) but I just would like to help direct it
back into the questions that N posed in the opening of this thread. I
do like those questions. I think it was...

positive law? (and not natural law as wben is critiquing sovereignty,
not humanity... yes?)
how agamben reads wbenj?
trans-atlantic crisis?

Of course I already have loads of opinions about all of these words
and how they are used, but I am slowly becoming self conscious because
of the chorus who has nothing to say really except that it is not
happy. ultimatly I  really would like to get beyond what I already
know (re: true enlightenment) and if I could download that data please
let me know where.

Ultimately I would like to drive this discussion into the sophic
paradox of knowlege. I personally see that as one of the biggest
problems esp. the comedic/tragic relationship between the "sophic
paradox and capitalism."
Perhaps it unfair for me to ask you a question and then use your
answer to direct my stasis, but it has certainly helped me understand
how it is that other psyche are able to see these same illuminations
that I do.

the words that I have to answer for my stasis are...

etc... really, its a long list that does not belong all in one place.

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