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This a cit from your email.
inner stress?
martial artist

Are you sure that you really want to understand my emails?

greetings Harald Wenk

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andriod lesbian #1
"the act of personal stasis is certainly in agreement, yet I see no
depth probe outside of some unavoidable ethical gravitational vortex,
where phenomena gets sucked catagorically dry. ... and generally as a
discussion of no particular investment, allowing such valuable liesure
time to be polluted by meaningful direction would be possible were it
not for my bone-sucking adddiction to logos-phallus-dick
sucking....[explictives deleted]"


under the same thread with these words like cushions.
When I go look up top of this conversation and thnk, what is this
"wooden iron" doing under the bottom mattress?  i'm understaning
"wooden iron" like somekind of violence of "metaphor", literally as a
philospophical violence projected upon the sovereignty in the form of
associative-logos... (re:"give Caesar what is to Caesar")


I could go on like this forever, stasis vs stasis, positivelaw vs natural
so, here is a list of words from your stasis that I read,
they all have question marks after them:

inner stress?
martial artist

lemme start w/...
wooden? (okay "flexible", but there's more here... the human as a
tree, roots, or as the wood, he would be dead. flexible dead wood.
dead as in the heraclitus definition which is asleep-soul. then also,
I am sure that along with wagner, nietzcheche had fun with the norse
myths and its socially abnormal violent mixtures with christianity,
the hanging trees as the end/ultimate container of man's life cycle
was such a horrific custom that its meaning was way beyond metaphor
but here now the metaphor conjures its meaning nonetheless, especially
in terms of creating a suicidal passion within modern man, or whomever
reads the oedipal-text as an education. My question becomes who is the
"we" for Neitsche, some kind of question that involves getting to know
somebody and reading a bunch. (note-to-self: must buy bus token for
trip to library) Does neitsche say "we must be like wooden iron" or
does he say "they must be like wooden iron" , I dont mean to say
"must" its just there, a guess, like "we are" or "we should", y'know,
its the pov, intention, that is confusing for me.)

The way I can imagine it for now, is to see nietzche as the
aristocrate who is saying "we be like wooden iron" to his fellow
sovereign aristocrates with the intention of imposing a violent
metaphor upon them.<--possible stasisia
so now I can see the strength of nietzshe as like a weapon, he is to
be used against sovereignty as an intended corruption of their logos
(re: "Caesar dressing for Caesar salad") ... in terms of familiar
history he has also had very serious detentional effects also.


but my own stasis remains... the pure-violence of non-intelligence.
what bugs me most of all is that lack of consciousness that has the
ability to be evil, without intention. Often this lack of
understanding allows one individual (or a social agenda) to be
completely brutal towards their fellow individual. That blindness of
violence within the positivist logic, inside a false detentional


martial arts vs Shashankasana yoga

thank you for answering my question so well, the question and answer
game is a pleasant way to get to answers that are clear and robust and
pushing forward.
just like the ancient oriental wisdom that more and more seems as
futuristic-thinking startrek technology and knicknack names...(re:
sovereign class)
I do recognize the martial arts as a means of understand that is
completely physical and violent. Akido is wonderful with its dancelike
patterns. Just like a verbal arguement technique, the martial arts
allow a rhythmic dialog of violence to be fairly en-acted. kick,
block, punch, defence, twist, throw, .....deathblow. The trained
combatant is literally working with violence as an act of discussion
and depth probe for information where the aggressor must c onjure up
their moves from an internalized vocabulary of deadly motions.
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