[D-G] sorcellerie capitaliste, democracy in Vth BC in Athens.

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 16:07:37 PDT 2005

well it sounds a bit snobbish but i preferred yesterday mail when it was closer to my curiosity. yet i am still interested by the forces of wealth flows, its overwhelming power which confuses the mind of the writer like layers of fogs, clouds in the valley, and which is echoing here, in me, as I am speaking to you. as yet i am very wealthy I can also try to ride the forces of the flows of wealth, i give money to the adsl machines at least I try nominally, to speak, to them, and I will I assure you carry them by the force of the whip. if it hits the screen, you shall hear me as the screen shouts.
on these shouts i can insert some ideas with words of order. i am a sculptor of words of order actual statements licking the flows of wealths. they receede now, and the virtual landscapes become swallow as marshes in the valley. harald is soon answering in the fog of Germany, to me on the romantic crescent of the star, i can see him entering the writing zone, we're in the doubles regima asap.

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