[D-G] poetry/imagining orders

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 16:26:20 PDT 2005

Dear Reader,
Yes I am trying ... to order my words
and to add some rythms so it sounds with
a polish of poetry,
and it sounds not
like words being communicating
to you,
it breaks now, and introduces some gap
a synapse, a failure in the communicative workflow
adds a grain of sadness
just by mentioning sadness
creates a hurricane of sadness.
the butterfly/chaos effect.
i am riding the flows of cash, i sculpt with notes machines, and the flows of wealth
meet the naked labor of the chinese blue in Harald eyes
Harald the Champaign of Viking Mythology
has created a tongue in the tongue
a Middle East alterego, imagining cautious
words of twilight zone,
a margin for MaholoNagy to escape
the routine
of rotoscopy, of the rotative speed of
20th Century foxes, ludicrusly
meticulously radiating grief
In  A Hurricane of Sad Sobs,
Passing over Isolated Land of Castro
the river of Wealth spinning dangerously, unconsciously
updating dinausaurus the queen of doubts.
The rythm of my pompoms immediates an alternative
from which brisk Virtual Universes
migrate and send waves of the banana hemorroid flows.
Negative axes relaxes, mingle carelessly in the Blisinis with tempura
anderson some pompom
I am trying to send some rythms in the words of orders.
I need your advices please here.
Thank You I get bliss by the Flows of Wealth in you
Things rearranged, MechaniCity
Dear Liza 5o Clock with the ashes

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