[D-G] sorcellerie capitaliste, democracy in Vth BC in Athens.

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 12:16:32 PDT 2005

the nominal / actual difference to me: go in atp for example and they explain the modern capitalism, after peasantry went to town, in the conjunction of "naked labor" _flow_ with the flows of abstract wealth. to me this could explain what you find in the difference between nominal and actual. what do you think? because its virtualities, and the present, the visual, what would be called actual, is intermingled with virtual universes or forces. the passage in atp is in apparatus of capture just before they talk about asservissement machnique and system man-machine, this precise chapter. i thought yesterday that's something about atp, that it constantly reintroduced ways of seeing that understand the part of the flows, of the virtuality of the forces, that which can thus be felt on a plane of connection that pays attention to the bwo. 
about why the whole, and the ideas you saw developped in maholo-najy essays, were marginalised, you say. i think personnaly bauhaus has been destroyed by second world war in europe. at least reading Klee's biography you see how he was affected negatively by this war. Henry Miller said in Remember to remember that France would take years to recover from the war. I think the situation is still uncertain in Europe today but let's not get into that right now.
i just imagine that i see in what you quoted a type of ideas that were present in the between the war times, and writers such as DH Lawrence have also, and after him Anaïs Nin, before maybe already Emerson developped ideas in that nature, but i havn't read Emerson yet at the moment. but i think these ideas, when they were not applied in communities, are seen in works of artists or thinkers. what we have is the possibility to browse in the archives of mankind to see these kind of ideas of wholeness, and be inspired or not, or be inspired transversally, or even diagonnally. it means that we can reactivate the past victories, and that (this idea can be found in the book by Stengers and Pignarre on Sorcellerie Capitaliste which studies practices in contemporaneous politics) we can look ways to find how we can practically set them in the present. there is no reason why they crumbled, that something malignous necessarilly should be attached those ideas, or that we could not take what is
 good in what inspire/d/s us.. what i thought about was to propose something incredible like think about free man deciding by lots and hazard in ancient athens who will be in charge of the affairs. or think that cats could be elected like in ancient egypt, or in a mix of different regimes birds instead of falling prey to the virus of flue could be the lead singers of a popular r'n'b band playing on MTV. it is, not really necessary that we copy and paste this, but that we understand that the democratic elections as we know them in occidental countries is not necessarily the political way that will pass if our ideas pass somewhere aswell. the ideas, like for instance the idea in ATP of man being composed of various lines, being segmented, but sometimes through labor and brainpower knowing other types of polarities than those offered by the human tissue of majority. the heroism of the majority is not the same as the one of the Bauhaus, and the artisan cosmique litterally constructs a
 new people. it is working having in mind different polarities, and having some developping notions of how to cartography the possibilities of nature.

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