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the sense of destratification is to build up a greater stratum, more
generous, allowing more live.
Taken in the old marxian sense, it is the monarchy as a stratum that hinders
destratification of the salesman, technicians, and scinties - maybe even the
religioeus people,
to develop their interest according to the given circumstances and tools.
Therefore the new stratum of capitalistic, democratic states have been build
This is, in my eyes, the political motivation, being ontoligized in
considering crystals to
be much more restricterd than biological cells, thus giving the biological
With the brain, which is functioning as a big rhizom, there is a newer
stratum, accelerating
the process of adapting to and forming the environment.
The concept of strates goes back to Nicolai Hartmann, a german philosopher
in the 1920 and 30ies,
renewing the ontolgical question in trying to synthesize the different
sciences, especially physics, biology and
humanities or sciences of conciesness.
It was a time, when the question of "Weltanschauung", that is a integrated
view of the
whole world with the whole of scientific knowledge in mind, was a need for a
lot of intellectual people.
Unfortunately such attempts nowadys are killed by the arguemnt, that
scientfic knowledge, physics, biology, chemie,
economics, history, language a-... has becomne much to vast as it is
realistic to have
a world view starting from ontology going to psychology which integrates
them in one comprehensive scheme.
It is Deleuze, who tried it whith structulaism as background.
I dont know anyone else from the 1960s on, who made such an attempt.

To return to your question on the start, mystical experience and yoga,
sometimes drugs seem to
set free new strates on the level on the brain and in the case of yoga of
the body in general,
giving possibilities or new strates
and so destratifie the older ones, especially the "I" limiting ones.
This is temiogized by schamnistic and mystical practices, the former playing
a role in anti-oedipe.
But, normally one has enough to do to keep the organic strates in order,
that is to bee healthy,
so that the problem of destratificatio on the level of the body does not
To do so in a favourite way, cost a long time of efforts, so there is little
danger to get a destratification on the void.
This maybe only be possible in the case of drugs, to be honest, I don't
believe even that.

greetings Harald Wenk

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I am following a track around Performance, like: the destratification of the
organism (cfr ATP)
On nummerous occasions, i saw statements on this list people saying: "but it
is important to be careful in the destratification process", as DG quoting
Artaud and Michaux, etc. "
I think Performance could be confronted to this idea. Then the question:
what is this process of destratification of the organism, what does it
imply, technically speaking, pragmatically, how could we elaborate the
process. More generally, why should we destratify the organism, but more
precisely: with what tools, what are the operations. I don't know the
context of your research or the quality of your artistry, but the question
seems to me full of possibilities, an interesting question what.

Julia Barclay <julia at flyingoutofsequence.org> wrote:

Have not answered yet because all the questions are big and I have been
incredibly busy and not able to give them time...be patient and I will try.
thanks for caring about it.

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