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i thought about your idea that Deleuze and Guattari were partly 
overpassed by Science after the 80's
and I was telling myself that Harald is trying to do a majority test to 
Deleuze and Guattari. At contrary, I thought, they were not so much in 
line with the establishement of discoveries, the strata which was being 
peeled off by Science during this short period between 1975 and today. 
This period needs to be desacralysed if anything interesting can come 
out of the strata..
What you say that we have to "free" the strata is problematic, and I 
don't see why there is an idea of strata (articulation of content and 
expression), if there is an idea of overcodage, if it's not 1) to be 
evaluated, 2) something practical from evaluations must come out, 
so i am wondering if there's any residue of the strata in this 
something which can be engranged, set to the practice. the notion of residue 
can be important in this case, for so, what maters is not the strata 
itself, and the alignment to its "liberation", but really the observation 
of the various layers, and the excavation of what in them all can be of 
the idea of determining who is the ruler in our societies, not by 
freeing the strata, but by forcing anything in the strata to take an 
important role, in something totally different, a first idea into letting come 
the heterogenous to the strata, and a first desintegration of this 
your fear of "destratifiying" on the void is followed by the existence 
of invisibilities, of something which makes you decide that there is a 
we need to take steps so that you can be given the chance to 
destratify, and for that to see the actual strata.
so the conclusion is that we need to see the strata, and not only 
"know" about the existence of stratas. the task is left to the artist in 
this case. whther the artist is polytechnicians or zeelot, is task is to 
let you see the strata. other things must be done. there's is a hurry.
Thank you for reading.



hwenk <hwenk at web.de> wrote:

toi make a little ligic, this (to be something and to be at the same 
something else) is only possible if the to be something does not 
the being something else
for the moment and respect referred to, which would be not to be the
something else.

greetings Harald Wenk

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This idea of being at the same time something and something else, it is 
interesting. I play with it, I am playing the flute canopy. Its melody
shrivels my marrows, my bones are tinckling with joy in the expectation 


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