[D-G] dynamic (on the brain being not what it is)

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 12 19:47:27 PDT 2005

It is a way to dynamise the flood of text constituing the list. I have already wondered before , why has this list been called drift-line since it was called spoon, and the answer is assumed to come from the poetic universe of Malgosia, one list owner of great deeds in this decision, correct me. 
It think our energies are here and that what we do, when researching, giving sharing our expression of research, is work and my idea is that work should be seen as a collective of intensities, which communicate in the body's capability to make choices about the mode of existence by which the list can affect and be affected , in, a regular, modifiable d y n a m i s m -
to realize this we can see that: the people are sending signs on the list, richly complex input and outputs, signs, which appear to do so in dynamism, there is the time line which is open : everybody can or cannot send posts, and there is the negative mystery of to whom we are sending. I said that I trusted the Film Fanatics, and that is because such a statement could express us to dynamise, instead than reproduce the old costumbres, habits syndromes inertic on internet server.
the dynamism should be looked in our ressources, so that we can see what we do with our bodies, our essence - thinking, so that work is produced here, to which there is a benefit in the dynamism with which it is articulated that answers choose to be here or not here.
dynamism, signs, the signs that we have to send intensities, are here? the first idea is if intensityes are being sent, they will fall on a wall of indefference by those who deny the brain to be more or less active, that our intelligence is constant. if so why so? because they do not trust the signs, and they imagine something of the list that is different than what it is. the need is them to say, to express what is their vision of the list, to let us know what they expected by entering and doing the subscription to drift-line.
the interest there is a dynamism, lies in the idea that i wish i could explain. 
the capitalism is made by decoded flows and something escapes the worker on this list for example the worker on this list do not know the signs arriving to him, why should they do such a thing, why should they be left indefferent as to what regards the dynamism with which the sign can alternatively be sent, with lack of dynamysm or a research of more. the lack of dynamism presently comes from virus putting my brain in slumber territory. so i will better explain myself tomorrow.
i just want to end by saying that the brain experiences, and the reference to the zones of the brains, and the capacity, this provionary equivalence between zones and capabilities, we can modify, and opt for new capabilities for our brains. how so, by dynamism in the exchange between human beings, and that was why i referred to this list, which can become a platform of experimentation of the signs of modification of the brain.

Liza Kozner 
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