[D-G] malgosia, Virginia, please your turn to speak.

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 30 19:23:55 PST 2005

Ok, i have just made this decision. Let's keep merry. Let's not debate. Let's just keep everything as usual. 
  I am sorry if we have to be resigned, if we have to be little worms. It's the world, the arrangements who want it. Let'us be dashes of vanishing non-dimensional point, particles in chaotic fusion. Actualities disappearing with not awareness of the speed at which they are vanishing.
  And the example of mathematics? Well, it's good. Let's keep this aswell. Part of the sum. We're part of the sum. Living in the imaginating phantasmatic procession of algebraic numbers. 
  I am rotten. It's michievous. I at least voice my truth. Not a Maria Bellen, saying, singing creativity and keeping silent. I am a worm which speaks. It speaks on a list which is good as an absurdity. We're working for the memory of a guy who decided there would be a list or lists. 
  So let's avoid my proposition for a debate. It's absurd as well. This is absurd aswell. I like the way I am advancing, in the walls. My had crashes and i go up up up in the realm of vanishing words, words with no meanings. Like a snake I am growing.

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