[D-G] malgosia, Virginia, please your turn to speak.

maria-belen ordonez mbelen at yorku.ca
Wed Nov 30 20:20:18 PST 2005

Is my name the only name to be evoked/provoked as silent. Worse yet, next to
claims of "true" subjectivities that feel compelled to point to their own list
participation. A rhizome for me is extended at unexpected and unpredictable
moments--not on command. When I feel like jumping in i will--thanks for your
interst, concern, anxiety, nervous, and at times interesting rants Liza/Bart.
Fart away to your heart's content.


Quoting Liza Kozner <liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk>:

> Ok, i have just made this decision. Let's keep merry. Let's not debate. Let's
> just keep everything as usual.
>   I am sorry if we have to be resigned, if we have to be little worms. It's
> the world, the arrangements who want it. Let'us be dashes of vanishing
> non-dimensional point, particles in chaotic fusion. Actualities disappearing
> with not awareness of the speed at which they are vanishing.
>   And the example of mathematics? Well, it's good. Let's keep this aswell.
> Part of the sum. We're part of the sum. Living in the imaginating
> phantasmatic procession of algebraic numbers.
>   I am rotten. It's michievous. I at least voice my truth. Not a Maria
> Bellen, saying, singing creativity and keeping silent. I am a worm which
> speaks. It speaks on a list which is good as an absurdity. We're working for
> the memory of a guy who decided there would be a list or lists.
>   So let's avoid my proposition for a debate. It's absurd as well. This is
> absurd aswell. I like the way I am advancing, in the walls. My had crashes
> and i go up up up in the realm of vanishing words, words with no meanings.
> Like a snake I am growing.
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