[D-G] malgosia, Virginia, please your turn to speak.

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 30 18:58:44 PST 2005

malgosia i am serious. if you don't do anything about this list i pick all my little things and leave this big space for good. you have to decide. either it's normality and fashism, either its moderation so th, i mean appropriate moderation. encourage them at least to speak a bit. so we know who are these people. so that's it not incidentally one who says. hey my name is, i didn't know what to say because x reason makes me queep kwite. it's important that you make a political suggestion for the list, and that we can discuss it. what are you thinking. let's be a fuckin debate on the issue. what happens with deleuze lists. 1) is deleuze becoming part of litterature, as a dead author? is the anhistoric joy of it disappeared from contemporaneeus?2) what about the yahoo groups? 3) why did you do the drift-line, instead than spoon, i am not accusing just quite curious about why?  what's the relation with capitalism and this decision? 4) why a list like this one? what do you hope from it?
 5) what about Deleuze, the becomings, the book he wanted to write on Marx? why Negri has the papers, what is he doing with them, his manifestos and his lists of emannuel videcoq who is still here as a lurker? from which i got excluded because he saw me as the same "personna" here and in multitudes 10) why did this world crumble at the same moment that the world crumbles? are we here part of the crumbling world. the implosing planet? i thought there was some sense in the notion of absolute deterritorialisation. spinoza's lists are more interesting than dg? 11) why to not discuss this topic with other listers, spammed by mischievious Machiavellians of the advertizments industries. they're all on yahoo, and they stop speaking when ads pop up. on the other side Cliffor Duffy does an interesting group of poetry, but excludes some poetry for personal reasons, and is getting too close to litterature per se. that was what was so positive in Deleuze, this non european, non occidental culture
 size in his works. is there any Dogons, here, today? no, of course. ruth chandler sends a message today on deleuze list on yahoo. have talked about anal exploration. just a quick word. well accuse this category of devastated minds. but are they worse? here? Peres is joining Sharon in new "party". They are gonna win. Let the word be rotten like we are constructing nothingness? why this? why internet like that? why humanity like that. it can explained, and it's very enjoyable to explain to your self the explosion that is happening na dwith nobody seeing it. it's good this way. at the same time i wish there's something left on the , you know for doing interesting thing. i am not wanting to kill my body even if they all have decided to live as tiny worms. i don't want to stay inactive as them. so tell what you think of that. hello pretzel. what are you doing on this list? it's absurd. you're talking to me? who do you think reads these mails of yours. i read them, and appreciate them
 greately. but don't you feel the situation absurd, to a point of transformation? absurd to a point it needs a proper modification. will malgosia or virginia think something positive about this. something testifying to their simple suprahumanity?  spirit of non resignating, implosing body? implosing mind?
  ok up to you to speak. if i don't get an answer i quit this space, it's too weird. i think its to planant ici. tu parles français.? ça plane de trop là. ç a plane pour moi, et pour toi, comment ça va Joe? commo va Joe here?

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