[D-G] relating Deleuze to your work

hwenk hwenk at web.de
Tue Nov 29 01:15:10 PST 2005

Hello Liza,
after my appraisal of yoga as exercises in regard to perfect the body, I
come to advise sober and thorough thinking as such as healthy for the mind
- especially for psychic sensible people. Most of them have a strong
inclination to a very poetic way of feeling and thinking.
This is combined or also expressed in a very high sensibility in regard of
personal or social conflicts.
Now strong thinking in form of long and complicated reasoning, as done on
mathematics, gives inner stability and opens the way
of a self guided subjectivation - not always torn and pushed by stimulus
from outwards.

As Deleuze had put it:
"It is not the lack of intelligence, but our interests, that divides us from
In thinking, mathematics is invaluable, for it has all of the mentioned
qualities: objective,
thorough, fine and leaving no rest of unexplained - in this sense almost the
only example of
complete thinking - giving answers to the question of the child: "Why"?
I think, this is why Spinoza and science in general took it as a model and
in case of Spinoza, being
very consequent, it is a kind of answering the Why as far as possible at
that time.

Fortunately the American culture of books on mathematics is much more easier
to comprehend than here in Europe - I think it is
because the students pay in America, what is mostly not the case in Europe.
the books, coming from lectures, are much more written under the regard of
being understandable.

You have Milnor, Spivak, Lang, Feller, Stoker and a lot of other
well authors.

Greetings Harald Wenk

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