[D-G] Balasan: Re: applying Deleuze to the works of poetry I do, so Hitler's activity on the list dwindles on the list

bart twains south_asia_data_flow at yahoo.com.my
Mon Nov 28 20:42:41 PST 2005

Hitler has been there for a few times now, emailing on our list. And I don't like that. Well loads of gentle person will certainly feel like me offensed by his arrogant remarks. I will call Deleuze so that may be the Chief Supreme will lose a bit of it's apetite to destruction abandonment, here. I will make it so that Deleuze is more active, and Guattari as well. Hitler will loosen the grips on our necks, he will see it's no use to come here to bother us.
  Deleuze approaches the chandelier and the menurah, he is smiling, oedipian, mother of the nation of bee poo, anal retentive bees. He know nothing of Alexandria, the city of litterature. He makes an essay on Hitler.
  Hitler, in Berlin, sending in ithe paradize, with chamberlain, sings, and she is excused.
  Boats are fishing, and folly makes its way in words i utter, who unleashes such verses, asks a grim org, he little org wishes but il attouvé , but he has found, holiphants, gullut rat but il he has found, the horricane of lust, escapes of clouds little clouds, in giant landscape of cosmic storms illuminated by crimso rays of light, sharp as laser finger angels wisdom, to wit, the particles of the science, that have a potential siliconic reterritorialisation und a coarse laughter in the throat of Hitler.
  Guilty of suspicion, Hitler falls away from the list, in Hell. He clicks away from this browsered narrative subs-criptioners, laughable ennemies in silence, to get particles of science, emited in silence, to see the art, of my etheral circumsfection lapses, loops, pools, Nile, colors, portraits of rapid navigators, patience in the ship, waits the particle of science to silently pour Niles on the past, in the ass of Bart Twains.
  Bueno, this is finished.

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