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bart twains south_asia_data_flow at yahoo.com.my
Sun Nov 27 14:05:01 PST 2005

the issue of all poetry is a sacred
  a meaning which undisputed can solicitate millions of head
  arrowed in my direction
  their faces are expressing attentive curiousity
  a gullibility at words pouring from
  my mouth opening
  and absorbs ear melodic signification
  until it crosses minds
  we have entered a circle of magic
  out of which difficulties are
  with difficulty
  and as i raise up from the water closet instrument
  millions scrutinize my anus
  and surprise surprise
  one two three four
  the time the melody spouses the verb
  the foecal solid is violet jam
  it is not poo
  it is not dirty
  we can come to my anus
  and lick violet jelly
  we lear how to speak and the microphone
  hangs by thread all
  anuses together
  in this traced out sharp lines
  of magic
  little flower thinks it is
  miserably not touchable
  because its pig poo
  but it
  knows not of the gas my ass can pee juice of violet jam
  in slices of bread spread in metallic tubes in Norway
  viking eat it
  i eat vikings

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