[D-G] Balasan: Re: tonight performances

bart twains south_asia_data_flow at yahoo.com.my
Sun Nov 27 13:54:50 PST 2005

the the article definition
article in a newspaper
butter falling in straight lines
droping finger putting their faces
smashing on the yellow appendices
the margarine
the butter
melt in the frying sauce pan
  I am baking a fringe of chargrilled tomato on top of the sunshine
What I wanna do
What I wanna do
Plants and herbs
  striking names pearl of sad laughter
to the Lion and the Dragon

leaves of, grimaces of smoke
clouds of religious outrages margarine in the frying pan
butter melting in mournings on the slopes the hills ski with clowns of violet coat
grill bitter melody
article, naming verbs
patience dj high set
patience give a ticket to get on the train
direct return phrases enunciation
dread fringes of margarine tears on finger nails
caressing, scratching naked pigs fucking together like atoms
of pink phantasy in New York, celebrate Christmass with the priest of the saint in the cities
of butter stomacks ain't heavy in New York
what I wanna do
Here what I wanna do there:
  dances of g of h 
mouthes of cats
  Put gloves in the margarine snow fryed tomatoes turn vivid as crimson pink 
straight disasters
in the mystery
  of mind 
  it loses meaning it makes up its a sign of tipsy alcohol
newpaper alerts
capitalist money transfers move around my belly
in the clock ticking in the presidential white house
lay sad music empty in imaginary
  i stand in my universe the world recedes
  i am left alone a cry like if my cat is lipping honey with tuna
  solitude of the cat on my knees
  it mewows and meows

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