[D-G] edward said, first experiences of nomadology

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Tue Nov 15 11:56:45 PST 2005

yet it might yup be more complex than hereso sayth. becoze
whatz thyn unterestin' ist the story, the narrative decklination of the

or not the narrative, but if the mackro molar ist tissue, or it ist a
same war machine since aristoteles, then ist i don't knuw why i talk
with the ist, i could say iz or is. 

then, what i say is virus. and i would wunt to stress the virus as a
zshidophrrenik sziknass an tafel dom tam.
but tumbeldown. i am sorry it does dis. i dink it mure fonny to talk
laika thdis, than answerinfg seeriusly do yur mail.

maria will nut be happy. :( i told myself, let's let thun nut speeek for
a week & see if the list turns up well ind is deffirentt. if peeps here
talk then if all my pseudo bullsit is vanissed than text gonta
reappeazr, jurgen! but then i just cannot hope better than this.

bart is fake and as well maria bellen, and liza kozner and harald are my
character. my name pretzel is nyt matt goergen, but ifrazem lopitus
adline is a zig, tu ne savais francais nu english bedaber li tu ne
comprends pas edward said encore, i dont think yet, thats my happyness.
i think bart twains is right, capitalism and male phallus diktat on the
unconscious can make grrlz come and money and cash value are real
deleometers, entelechios.

I am not sure of what is micromolecular compared to macromolecular in 
this case of nomadism. i am not very familiar with those terms, Can
you please explain.\

is this the current war-machine thhat forces all of us to face
mortality? the one that makes 668 billion radioactive bullets a week,
an d the same one that trained Alexander the Great to fight the
nomads, and who burried aristotle under jessus and left a remainder of
the soul for islamic arab translators to discover in 2008<M>? 
invading the Pyramids to ressurrect the rhebus and 100 years later
they give us non-weapon technology for the soul, in exchange for WW1
we got radio, in exchange for WW2 we got televsion. Where did the
witch-craft go next? Free Mumia. The chemical boundaries of personal
space are still resistant to the internet and the battle between 0 to
1 logos. I crave massive cannibus infusion to spawn sudden
neuro-genetic mutation.
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