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Dear Listers Pretzel and MB

micromolecular expresses the body/soul capability to transform itself,
to become a monster like Challenger  (who made the earth shriek),for
instance like I had tonight in my insomnia. the elasticity of matter,
that makes one not "persons" or individus, with clear chemical
boundaries. its chemical properties at the different level of
connections possible.
the macromolar is relating the soul/body with the modification of the
megamachine(s) you talk about, elements from which it is possible to
free oneself, or "integrate" into, and which corresponds to
conjunctions. that which is more powerful than the singular human
bodies. i say human to say, in the state of humanity produced by the
social field. as when cars hoot or choose not to hoot.

what i said i found interesting is about Guattari who talked about
coping with micromolecular and macromolar from the same body/soul,
stretching the problem of conjunction of these two flows in the
body/soul, making the later the point of transversal channeling but also
transmutation of both, cfr Pinhas essay on Nietsczhe.

kind regards,

Adline V.
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