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what you say harald on the accademics being the only one who can help
the question then: how do you become an accademician?
is it compulsary to study whatever there is to study in university, to
become one of the closed elitist circle of those intelligent souls?

if the answer for you is yes. then why university is not capable of
seing the world as it is. and act and fight?

if its not seeing the world as it is then its because university cannot
help become intelligent enough
as break the wall of institution, to become capable to resist the west
or whatever stands as this strata of domination over the world.

the drive to fight must come from the in-between existences . that is
what escapes the domination, the interpenetration of massive scale over
differential intelligence seeds. it is as if anything you try when close
to university is doomed to absorb thiking within the contigencies of
university thinking. university is too heavy, too solid, to seek
anything interesting in that field. that is why people studying there
need to escape, to flight from it.

this is why accademic thinking is different than everybody's thinking.
the becoming, the thinking is possible from everybody, even litteral
molecules can think and thus they actually do it. in this respect
accademic thinking appears as molar, representational, and invents
commitees of thinkers to solve everybody's problems.
why you need to invent such a committee, because you're all too human.
and thus weak. and instead of freeing people, they invent problem, to
appear with the virtue as you say, the vanity or dignity of "thinkers",
and quite at contrary to what you seem to "advance", they are quite
succesful at doing so. many many many thinkers in our cities nowadays.
economists, philosophers, artists. to what good? doom of
civilization!and that is to say they are succesful, not in doing
anything constructive for humanity, but only in constructing chimeras
that "work" temporarily and populate everything from ballrooms in big
fancy fair hostel to internet hubs and msn private rooms.

what it seems to me is that you are jaleous of climbing up further in
this realm, and make one of those succesful climbing accademicians are
so succesful in doing. like the tick, the insect, climbing up the tree.
riduculous or adventurous and magnificent?. i encourage you to give up
your quest for intelligence in the real of accademy and experiment.
climb trees and suck mammals. suck your dog. suck your teachers, suck
your presidents.

i am also wondering what people who usually do not say anything do on
this list say about it.
i also wonder why we start climbing up the tree of orientalism and
everything ends up in talking about the third reich. its the west
obsession since the start this third kingdom. how so, our cousins in
being simians the europeans were not so good after all! everybody is
citizen of the united west. only states like france make it so that we
are not yet americans. let's skip history in the making, we do not need
to wait for French Socialists to win the next elections, let's go start
already from the strata. fast, let's see fast and slow at this level
aswell. then let's nomadize, but not dream about the nomad, let's not
invent an accademic fourth or fifth reich to enpower our dreams of the
nomads. nomadism is not a thing about which we have to reflect, that
needs be represented by ideas of the western intellect.
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