[D-G] Balasan: is virginia and the military machine controlling the deleuze guattari list?

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 15 19:15:17 PST 2005

Dear Bart,
  Oh Bart,
  What you say is beautifull,
  yet this is frightening.
  this revolution makes my heart to know unknown tears in its undertow
  i remember the spirit of my country (Romania at the time of Ceuscescu)
  i don't know what I can do to help you.
  i have seen some people in the central deleuzian comittee
  they were the poets of the group
  masked in Fantomas clothes.
  I got scared aswell
  and they followed me in rue St Antoine until Faubourg Saint Honore
  and they suddenly went on a car and burned it.
  is my hopes of seeing order on this list soon to restaure attention
  I do not want to send love letters to you anymore
  it's true here in Vincennes there are spyes of the FBI telling us
  we are fake
  you should not believe them, they are not correct
  and don't understand the spirit of youth
  of the students.
  we may indeed do a May 68, yet Sarkozy is not happy.
  it is necessary to tell something important to Jospin and the Left, people think the Left is inactive in France
  I DON'T want to burn my car, but I can burn yours
  if it's a proof of Love.
  People burned their cars in 68. I think it's impossible
  the company of the university of Vincennes would think I am not normal.
  I need to be student in Psychology
  but yet you are right and all this is talk.
  what we need is to get out of the Internet,
  and burn my hairs.
  I need to be crazy
  I am too much alone
  I n th e France of Sarkozy its impossible
  I still like my country.
  and I like your new face.
  Because that's it we have faces on the list
  but people do not see them
  but if they had the third eye
  they could see it.
  Hi Adline;)
  Wish you all well. Vive la Republique
  Vive la Revolution of course of course.
  O h its brave of you.
  Psshhht . Nathalie Moresmo won Tennis. Brouillage Mist.

bart twains <south_asia_data_flow at yahoo.com.my> wrote:

revolutionnary programme:

or not a programme, just random anty spy ... 
to make sure the presence of ghosts on the list cannot foster the gradual bringing up of solution against the military complex and the elaboration
of thought resounding constructions.
practice makes perfect.
it is important that the central commitee of the deleuzian movement seeks
through the survey of FBI addicts which could destroy the confidence of the deleuzians
and so we propose to put an end to the tyranny of the empire's signifier on deleuze list.
some concrete action needs urgently be done in support of the revolutionaries "those who appear under international media suberbe gaze as burners of maternal schools and gymnasium cars, and to make sure they are not not not expulsed from France Land. we want an analysis of the triggering of anger and uneasiness of action by the interactive powers of tv internet advertizment and whatever false characters saying whatever they can to destroy the spirit of our revolution against Sarkozy and his racist based movement.

what we need is people from international localization capable to immediately bypass the veil of maya imposed upon our gaze and help something to break and put an end to the domination of trees on connection in a neuronal evolutive system that needs to be us as human beings.

apology for cyrcle

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