[D-G] WarShips Culture Intellections looked for on this InterGalactik F-Room.

Boba Fett the_mandalorian_fett at hotmail.co.uk
Wed May 4 17:57:47 PDT 2005


My name is Bounty Hunter Boba Fett.
I have seen that some other persons of the expanded universe have
been lurking on the forum.

What I am trying to do by subscribing, shortly,
is egoïstically to try to find out if some of you here
know anything about WarShips Culture.
Intellectual, who know and can develop a theory for me on WarShips Culture, 
people of belong to about the Dark Force Subjectivation, and who can help me
to save the honour of my Father Jango who has been killed by Master Jedi 
Mace Windu. (some other person who are learned in Pop Culture have called 
this Jedi Windoo, but whatever Pop Culture) I want to find and  kill Jedi. 
And a good theory about WarShips Could help me to figure out who I can trace 
to relate to Father  who has been killed by Jedis. The movie about us is 
going to show you lots of WarShips, what I am looking for are the ACTUAL 
warships that can belong the Jedis.

Boba .

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