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Sat May 7 18:54:20 PDT 2005


seeing the soul as a machine gives a very different perspective as a  
or houselike one.
As a former repair electrician I wish to tell you, that a machine
mostly only functions, if every part functions.
To repair means to replace the not functioning parts.
So you can stop the complicatest machine, if you
cut a wire or destroy one even not verty important part.
As the normal sight of life is like money - something comes in, something  
goes out
and you have to keep things in balance or grew a little - say about  five  
per cent a year.
Now a invention of a machine not only increases the bargain, but totally  
changes the
But you have to insure the running.
If you imagine the substition of muscular forces by electrical and Otto  
you have a whole change in valuating work.
Now the work with the brain becomes much more valuable than that with the  
body -
on the gross visible part of production.
Now if you have a social machine, this is also the case.
You have to insure every part, if you one have chosen a person to be one,  
to function.
The person can do other things as much and whatever she wants, but she has  
   keep functiong her part of the machine, id est to function.
This is a little conserative.
So we can learn a little from Yoga.
You are able to keep the asana (posture in question) very long, for hours,  
you use only those parts of the body or mind really needed for the asana  
and relax the rest.
But mostly the whole body and mind is brought in, what costs much efforts,  
which are not to bring about very long.
In order to guarantee the functioning of the social machine,
the most easieset way is to  identfy the purpopuse of live of the person
with its functiong as a a part of the social machine.
This has got a social meta-principle - "The protestantian ethics of work"  
(Max Weber).
As modern times is full of changes, the necesstiy of changing the function  
has occured.
Therefore the identification with a special function or profession is  
and the principle, that  the main source of self consciousness
  to be a function in a social machine at all is tried to be installed.
It looks like, that the identification with a special profession is in  
europe is
much stronger than in the USA.
The positive effect of a machine, also a social machine, is the immense  
synergy effect.
Now if the social machines or division of work becomes more deep, it order  
to keep the single part
functionig, it is much easier to identfy one function with one person than  
use several persons for the same function.

Now what is the consequence for psychology and the happiness of live?
Now your joy is the effect of a inner soul machine - or assemblage.
As in technics with very primitive machines, there is not much joy to gain.
Now what is meant by Nietzsche by building up a inner garden and
inspired by technics to increase and stabilize the flux of joy is building  
complex but  stable machines.
To this end two thing are needed. First the use of as fine feelings as  
second protection against outer destruction.
Now the first thing is only to reach with patience and time of growth and  
inner peace.
The second at first hand requires a little hardness.
So it looks like being torn in two opposite directions.
In biology this problem is at first hand solved by a shell, which keeps  
the outer world apart to give room
for an inner space of gardenlike development - the inner milieu in BWO.
Now mankind has no shell, but a skin - the membran in BWO.
But the human skin is much more than a membran, like a filter and
translater of outer world affects.
Feeling comes from feelings of the skin.
The inner soul milieu, the intensities, are much due to the skin.
This is the contribution of the body to the "I"-feeling.
Now in techincs measure instrument have a certain range.
Below and above you destroy the measure instrument.
Now, as Spinoza already pointed out, the affects of an outer body is much  
determined by the affected than the affecting body.
So it is wise to enlarge the range of outer affects, the latitude.
This is done on a refelctive way by honesty.
If there is no truth you have to avoid, you cannot bear,  especially about  
the latitude is maximal.
But the required fineness is very diffucult, for the affect and the truth
are also very fine. The avoiding taking place in making things gross.
This is also done by constructing an empire of the bad, an abyss of the  
a devil - even if you identify with it.
To make gross is to annihilate differences.
Therefore, being differentiated is the way out, but - under pressure,
  id est  very strong affects, this
is bound to incredible efforts.
Now schizophrenics keep the differences of affects, but are often unable  
to express it
in this differentited way, so their actions become shelllike.

Thats for a little longer.

greetings harald

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