[D-G]found on the Inter - Net. Jedi hijabs hackers Clan have arrested Lord Badiou .

Dark Vador sithgrievious at yahoo.ca
Wed May 4 16:42:35 PDT 2005


    Have a look at this transcript from Deleuze.
Drift.Com : "


                     Badiou Adept
I'd say Maul would win, cause he can use the force,
and he just happened to have a bad day when he runs
into Darkness.

we're not dumb because we're undecisive. besides, maul
might just force choke grievous, which you know
grievous couldn't stop
and no, grievous is NOT force sensitive


          it is You whom I reckon have bet that I am
NOT a force sensitive droyd Lord.
               You don't know why, but as you read it:
you have been defeated by my skills, my Young
Apprentices of
   "Goerge Lucas "

  Ha   Ha   Ha


Let me laugh while the e-mail closes now with this
hint, will you? Thanks.

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