[D-G] Politics of desire and the 21st century

Charles J. Stivale ad4928 at wayne.edu
Wed May 4 09:45:20 PDT 2005

At 08:30 AM 5/4/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>So, I was reading an article by Badiou that was published in Le Monde on 
>the french ban on the hijab (islamic headscarf). I was struck by the 
>moments of strange conservativism in his tone, but then he moved into the 
>critique of sexuality as it exists now. And so I wondered (to pick up a 
>thread from an earlier discussion here) if the Deleuzian insistance on a 
>politics of desire was not a relic of the late 60's. Have we not already 
>acheived this proliferation of sexual desires and sexual identities and 
>found that they interfere very little in the movement of Capital. Perhaps 
>I am a little turned around here, been reading too many men in 
>uncomfortable pants (i.e. Zizek, Lacan, etc.) but isn't desire a dead end, 
>or better yet a dead road, for politics.
>Just want the discussion and then we can return to the "rhizomatic poetry 
>the sets my soul upon a line of flight to great Georgejacksonutopia of 
>escapes and failed escapes and lost lusts"
Dear Sid,
Great idea/line for discussion -- could you provide the ref to the 
Badiou/Le Monde piece and/or URL where I can download it? The reason I ask 
is that, having just taught a segment (to undergrads no less!) on the veil 
law, I hesitate to make any comments that swerve toward theory without 
having read how the author (in this case Badiou) expresses him/herself -- 
the various position on this issue get so nuanced.

FYI, I have had my students read the rather amazing Jane Kramer essay on 
this issue from The New Yorker Nov 22, 2004, "Taking the Veil".
CJ Stivale

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