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Dear Lister:
 But these two readings are not synthesised as co-existing as variables
Or are they ? See What is Concept? chapter in WIP?--
  The concept of a Bird is decribed in this passage (second chapter b4
  "plane of I.") as incorporeal, the Bird could only become there
  conceptualised by DG as it is described as a  singularity, which is
  for DG a concept of a Bird. It is reading the Bird also as a (see
  Bruchell & Tomlinson translation p20)

see with in this blue and purple book the quote from p"20-21":

"In this sense each component is an intensive ordinate, which must be
understood not as general or particular, but as a pure and simply
singularity --" [   ] "pure and simple variations ordered according to
their neighboorhood. They are processual, modular. The concept of a bird
is found not in its genus or species but in the composition of its
postures, colours and sounds: something undescirnable that is not so
much synesthetic as syneidectic. A concept is an hetero genesis -- that
is to say, an ordering of its components by zones of neighborhood(s). It
is ordinal, an intension present in all the features that make it up.
The concept is in a state of survey [or of overfly?]in relation
to its components, endlessly traversing them according to an [etc p21]"


order without distance: infolds what conceptual personnae: the friend?
exo-consistent: concept of friend.
endo-concistent: friend of concept of friend .

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<mgrado at interlink.com.ar> said:
> sorry, the correct quotation of WIP is
> "It is not synesthesia in the flesh but blocs of  sensations  in
> the territory, colours, postures and sounds that  sketch
> out a total work of art."
> Mario H. Gradowczyk
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> > Ce ne sont pas les synesthésies en pleine chair, ce sont ces blocs de
> > sensations dans le territoire, couleurs, postures et sons, qui
> > esquissent une oeuvre d'art totale"
> > 
> > "It is not syneasthesiae in full flesh, but these sensations blocs in
> > the territory, colours, postures and sounds, that [esquissent?= sketch
> > out?] a total work of art"
> > WIP? p184

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