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Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 6 19:51:02 PST 2005

> It could be good to browse through Merleau-Ponty and
> even compare what you're
> doing with Aristotle. Although our "five senses" are
> grounded in Aristotle,
> we've managed to neglect his sixth sense -- which is
> in our terms synaesthesia.

common sense? (six sense)...
catalogue of the expo Adline gave us to read says:

the link between
 Aristoteles and modern art,
 synaesthesia being aristoteles 
common sense. 
something (dionysiac?)
 aimed at practice of greek collectivities. 
you know Aristoteles. 
(you who know the time what time is it? DR) what d
o you think Aristoteles
 would have thought of Deleuze and modern artists use
of the synaesthsiac, and 
scenopoetices synaesthaesia, 
what he would think if geography
 could let him travel on Immanence 
Planes accross it's foliatetry 
What would a contemporaneous 
says about Deleuze as being 
perceived and understood 
understanding Synaesthesia 
of Aristoteles? what were the
   affections and perceptions
 of Aristoteles which would be reactualising onto
            Deleuze's Plane?

   Thanks (sorry if this List asks a lot of it's  
      participants sometimes)

      Ah Joan,
 you agreed 
with Adline 
she must be happy there,
 wherever she is...

PS I also have synaesthesia: tongue is always
receptive to essences also. we told you"you  were
felt, you were  felt you ".
               I have seen VanGogh
Monsieur was presented by a psychoanalist of the worst
kind of method on a satellite channel TV that i don't
know name of which yet, it was better than reading
artaud or nin, it was puting VanGogh in the sober room
of an american bovary, psychologyzing under and above,
comments valor conquering my room like satellite does,
it was sickening the more he was attributed sickness,
and was doing stange things (like drinking terpentine
etc), the more the psy theories went jerk, and the
image paradoxically being well, and the sounds
onctuous, it was such a good idea of american
psychanalisis to TELL her opinion on VanGogh. sorry i
don't know your tatses in documentaries. Theo VanGogh
is not that bad documentarists I have seen one, a bit
sexy though ;(

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