[D-G] translation "syn-aestesiae"

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yes i agree. so there 're many english translations.
synesthesia is in plural though here if you check the french, and
appears also "these" blocs of sensations, not "blocs" of sensation
the question is rather how to "give" the "singular ,light" of DG's text
in a translation, the non-standard french in any language
may-be someone like Charles Stivale with his interest in minor english
Cajun's dance could answer these questions better than more "serious" 

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On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 10:07:34 -0300, "Mario y Felisa Gradowczyk"
<mgrado at interlink.com.ar> said:
> sorry, the correct quotation of WIP is
> "It is not synesthesia in the flesh but blocs of  sensations  in
> the territory, colours, postures and sounds that  sketch
> out a total work of art."
> Mario H. Gradowczyk
re: Deleuze & Guattari original:
> > Ce ne sont pas les synesthésies en pleine chair, ce sont ces blocs de
> > sensations dans le territoire, couleurs, postures et sons, qui
> > esquissent une oeuvre d'art totale"
> > 
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