[D-G] translation "syn-aestesiae"

Mario y Felisa Gradowczyk mgrado at interlink.com.ar
Mon Mar 7 05:07:34 PST 2005

sorry, the correct quotation of WIP is

"It is not synesthesia in the flesh but blocs of  sensations  in
the territory, colours, postures and sounds that  sketch
out a total work of art."

Mario H. Gradowczyk

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> Ce ne sont pas les synesthésies en pleine chair, ce sont ces blocs de
> sensations dans le territoire, couleurs, postures et sons, qui
> esquissent une oeuvre d'art totale"
> "It is not syneasthesiae in full flesh, but these sensations blocs in
> the territory, colours, postures and sounds, that [esquissent?= sketch
> out?] a total work of art"
> WIP? p184
> NB on Deleuze's french in WIP? it is a french that is not the standard
> french, esquisser here
> when i read it, the both harraps and collins french english dictionary
> at hand here cannot translate it by sketch out. sketch out it's a rough,
> hard word.i don't know what to suggest instead, i am sorry. you native
> speakers what you think yet?
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