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--- adline vanlindenbergh
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> the ritournella, they have refrains, would
> eventually (in temporar areas) mild, they will from
> there shy away distinctions, it's a return to the
> primitive marshes that we are, "here and now"
> inspiration of Greco to the marshes , he used there
> they said, in passages on monument and plane,
aquatints and waterforte:

Some waters have been released by occupying forces and
marsh arabs are recovering, so we're told, but their
flocks may never be as full as in days of Ur! A
Natural Contract of expanding green zones, ugly humans
pushed out.. Serres shows these 2 men of Greco sinking
into the quagmire flailing on each other with their
wales - or is it the other way round?

> this will seem absurd, and "artistic" (what lame
> words the way from adriano you said i was destroying
> art WHY??? trigger discussion, i want to know
> it's false i did something quite advanced, ye knew.

Who could destroy art? love to trace graffiti on the
old edifice (but sometimes too tired for games of tag

> Kleist was antisemic?? The chorus, the old
> friends, all tell her: she's lost her mind, etc.

Christ no, Cristo antisemiotic? Take me to the
heavenly gates before they're all torn down!

Also recently watched the video _Party Monsters_ -
does that qualify as ethological research? - Mark

well i wish you could explain why you think this movie
is "ethnolo"? have you seen it? 

   Bought it for $5 on sale. The Blockbuster guy
   sneered: "Who woulda thought the Home Alone Kid
   would turn out to be a drag queen"! Watched it 
   with 13 year old daughter. Deathly funny movie.
   (What's a Drano syringe? she asks innocently 
   but gets a big kick out of the exclamation, 
   "that's better than a 10-inch dick" ;)

but i don't remeber, it vibrated too much in my eyes i
cried like a baby at the last picture "olga was

    And it was very sad when Macauley Culkin 
    as Michael Alig calls from prison and finds
    that his hope for getting out has died..
    http://www.manicpanic.com/party_monster.html or

               back to my closet.. Mark

ok then, Marco? Why is ah yeah yeah!, the Rouch, go
see Dyonisos, and for a Ethnology (not Ethology,
though some moderns say it interesting to start
blurring disciplines there in Europe because we do the
revolution!!) Lestel, go see Lestel Dominique. still
reading now. Affect I need an Affect now. Breathe
Winds Storm Nostrils Closing with pinches. Kandinsky's

            Let me look..

And, euh, the Rouch one on Dogon, the Siri Dancing,
fantastical movie.

  "A dusty haze mutes the horizon" and "Silhouettes
  drift past the lamp-lit windows, and the fires of
  street-side clay overns sned shadows dancing up
  the walls". This even evokes the accompanying images
  of 500-year-old manuscripts dancing with
  "There is something transcendent about the mix of
  people on the streets, which offers the first clue
  that Timbuktu is more than a down-and-out way
  station in the desert... Each day an eclectic parade
  of humanity passes in fron of our hotel ... It looks
  like the casting call for a bizarre movie ... part
  _Lawrence of Arabia_, part _Road Warrior_. 
  Huffman visits the ancient Sankore Mosque:
  "As we stand before the building, soaking it all in,
  we hear a Snoop Dogg sample of the Door's song 
  "Riders on the Storm" wafting from a nearby cafe".

  mix from 

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