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Hello Dr. Koenigsberger,

is this a kind of advertising, for I have adressed two mails to you
concerning thre first world war without a response?


Dr. Harald Wenk
Am Tue, 1 Mar 2005 06:54:51 -0500 schrieb Richard Koenigsberg, Ph.D.  
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> "Hitler aspired to defeat death by embracing the idea of a body politic  
> that
> could live forever. Hitler was unable however to separate the imaginary  
> body
> from his real body. In spite of his struggle to create a perfectly  
> healthy
> nation, Hitler's death instinct continually returned in the form of his
> belief that Germany was disintegrating."
> 	-Richard Koenigsberg
> 	__________________________________
> I study ideology as if manifest content of a dream, seeking to comprehend
> the ideology's latent content or unconscious meaning. I observe recurring
> images and metaphors within ideological productions. Through systematic
> analysis of these recurring images and metaphors, it is possible to  
> reveal
> the deep structure of an ideology.
> Ideologies are social constructions. However, why do they exist? What is  
> the
> nature of the psychic work that they perform? I suggest that ideologies
> constitute vehicles for working through deep-rooted psychological issues.
> Hitler's ideology, for example, represented the medium through which  
> Hitler
> attempted to come to terms with the problem of death.
> Hitler's project was to create a people so closely united-fused
> together--that they could think, feel and act as a single organism. Such  
> a
> body politic would be indestructible, not only in the present but in the
> future as well. Hitler and the Nazis devoted their lives toward creating  
> an
> organism that would be different from all other organisms. They aspired  
> to
> fashion a body (politic) that was so healthy and powerful that it would  
> not
> succumb to death.
> The Jew in Hitler's ideology was a force working to destroy Germany.
> National Socialism was the attempt to come to terms with this destructive
> force. The "Final Solution"--concluding phase of Hitler's struggle  
> against
> death-represented a form of radical surgery whose purpose was to "remove"
> Germany's death instinct, quash the process of disintegration.
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> Hitler had projected the struggle of "life against death" into the  
> political
> arena and waged a furious battle to "maintain the body of the people."
> Hitler aspired to defeat death by embracing the idea of a body politic  
> that
> could live forever. However, in spite of his efforts, Hitler could not  
> rid
> himself of "anxiety of being destroyed from within."
> The "Jew" represented Hitler's experience and perception of his own death
> instinct, recognition or realization that all bodies die. In spite of  
> Hitler
> struggle to deny death, he could not entirely repress the voice of truth.
> Yet Hitler refused to heed this inner voice declaring that all bodies  
> die.
> Rather, Hitler became infuriated, enraged. To embrace the truth, Hitler
> would have had to acknowledge that his Nazi project had been in vain;  
> that
> he had devoted his life to an illusion.
> Therefore, in a climactic act of manic determination, Hitler initiated  
> the
> Final Solution, a struggle to destroy death-the Jew-once and for all.  
> Hitler
> insisted that Germany would not die, that the body politic could live on
> forever. He redoubled his efforts, threw more wood into the flames.  
> Genocide
> represented Hitler's final attempt to solve the problem of death.
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