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Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 20:51:32 PST 2005

> > Kleist was antisemic??

yes i read in a book he was
a antisemitic huge guy
in Romanticism Technoziqua

people should know and appreciate litterature, here or
theater here they like in paris, Kleist.*

perso i like him also. so you cannot point the finger
at me, this time Deleuze-List!!

i think they should never have studied these authours.
i was releived them who unleased lines of night
towards the Body-Deleuze, and it's exo-consistence of
the moment we played with Rimini. Wide unlocation. 
talked mybe rather about bwo because its something

Thank You Mark
for pointing me back to this linkeability that we
and the exo-stratologeosity, that we missed.
sadnass, no after thought, mind moves and head leans
on the hands all "hurts" on the wall, the wall. i
don't understand, why was I again writing this? It's
because i want to talk about Deleuze. All mails
written here aggressive schizophrenic voices poping up
from the keyboards's noises, they tell me: "you ship
it is dying"
So much Virtual, true and schizo, some much Virtual,
than Actual becomes mysterious. Sometimes it hurts
you, Actual hurts, because the Virtual Schizophrenia
is a very powerful one. Coming back here for a while
was a joy at first, and then when I felt the project
could not interest human genomenes here, and somehow
maybe idiotically i concurred also elswhere, it might
not be interesting, thus I have started a cycycal
dematerilisation, not any more of my mind, but of
deleuzianism. It was a third period here, more
political. i hope the next one is smalling pale
flowers of Alps, Caucasia, Gobi, flowers of artic
deserts. I hope I recover. The poets of this list are
the best, but they are ghost. I like Philosophy less
and less though. I need to remember that: a good idea,
but all good ideas are hidden under very starnge idea.

If "I like Philosophy less and less though
is virtually empassing an other statement
or rather a plane of Drunkness
and Absolete Freakyhood

But I will get a bronchytus.

I wish the Pope restablishes soon and had not read all
"canard" enchaine" et charlie hebdo" disgusting
spithombs.of theirs, plus jolie de l'azoutée bizoux


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