[D-G] the "virtual"

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 14:27:26 PDT 2005

I think of Deleuze's use of VIRTUAL kind of like a subset of his
ASSEMBLAGES....to quote DIALOGUES II (p148), Deleuze y Parnet:
"Philosophy is the theory of multiplicites, each of which is composed
of ACTUAL and VIRTUAL elements. Purely actual objects do not exist.
Every Actual surrounds itslef with a cloud of [...] virtual."
then, (p51):" The minimum real unit is not the word, the idea [...] or
the signifier, but the ASSEMBLAGE.... The utterance is the project of

To me this sounds similar to Axelos' notion of PLANETARISM, which
Deleuze very briefly trumpets as the pataphysical destination of
phenomenology in DESSERT ISLANDS (p75):
"Planetarism is presented in the following way: find the FRAGMENT
represened by each object in such a way that thought makes up the
always-open sum (and subtraction) of all the other FRAGMENTS
subsisting as such..."
To phenomenologicalistacally deal with this planetary design, Deleuze tells us:
"Axelos' method proceeds by enumeration of thhe senses. Not a
JUXTAPOSITION, since each meaning participates in the others. Not
occurding to RULES which would [just] refer back to metaphysics, but
according to a GAME which includes within it all possible
rules...including nonsense.

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