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Also recently watched the video _Party Monsters_ -
does that qualify as ethological research? - Mark

thi interresto la questione dis
Do you know it's interesting
i also talked about cinema-science relations two years ago:
that's why, it's alas not on the html

but euh, it's, well i wish you could explain why you think this movie
is "ethnolo"? have you seen it? and have you seen Godard, you told about
the one with Sioux and Olga,no? don't remember Sembar was there with
him, in Havre in France. and what i found was the first part of the
movie: ten first, were ex trr a or dinn a  rry images. reaally good
(vibration wind of forms) one or two flags also.

but i don't remeber, it vibrated too much in my eyes i cried like a baby
at the last picture "olga was elswhere" i cried or was crying, , it
became like a kid's painting when they try the oil leak on Canvas on my
face. i think Godard wanted to prove something to someone, and I am this
person.the first part thus is a bijoux, and should go in the mind of
capitalist entertainers scriptmakers: He met me and I told her: oh you
smell good mon bébé and she answered, leaning the head Guerlain de
Marylin, houlala she said her friend was there you are there we feel
this mmm. sobriety lol! They were not using the "perfect" perfume, they
didn't knew Grace, the bank of perfumes. They were Americans. Paris!! mm
think about plants and perfumes, we will be discussing plants and
perfumes next years same place here. i am sure something will again make
us imagine a weird concept, and a fantasy of flows will push our images
in a future bottle of Guerlain.

ok then, Marco? Why is ah yeah yeah!, the Rouch, go see Dyonisos, and
for a Ethnology (not Ethology, though some moderns say it interesting to
start blurring disciplines there in Europe because we do the
revolution!!) Lestel, go see Lestel Dominique. still reading now. 
Affect I need an Affect now. Breathe Winds Storm Nostrils Closing with
Kandinsky's Silence

And, euh, the Rouch one on Dogon, the Siri Dancing, fantastical movie.

Hope you find them. If not I have a site where they have it s trailer,
and can send you from an oateh computat thingie, the e xakt link to this
obscure site though is off memory and Bergson is dead in 20th century.
but you have to reach me in Schiermoonikoog

Liza has got the address: try http:// oh no, liza_kozner at yahoo.ie

Seee syou
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