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Ethology: I had an idea: I am a bit z dizz zy, and thus as usual when
dizz, you understand i write like this. before diz, i had an idea i
could tell for ethologyst:

we read from Ethologysts: are they not shameful to tell secrets that
belong to animal. I mean it's oK because the Ethologists succeed in put
this in order, and their qualittative expression refill the paradigms
with plenty of ideas how birds-animals-humans minerals, are such part of
the ritournella, they have refrains, would eventually (in temporar
areas) mild, they will from there shy away distinctions, it's a return
to the primitive marshes that we are, "here and now" inspiration of
Greco to the marshes , he used there they said, in passages on monument
and plane, aquatints and waterforte: eauforte. , for these bird it is
unbearable they are in jail like you say me also. the monitor is jailing
us like a nuclear waste cabin: the poors animals i am refering to
complains what's said of their full song. that's what modernity then in
Ethology does, and needs to do: to ask the impression of the animal
studied by other species, or mineral, in the temporal zones , and then
seek what are they claiming, one or the other way. this will seem
absurd, and "artistic" (what lame words the way from adriano you said i
was destroying art WHY??? trigger discussion, i want to know because
it's false i did something quite advanced, ye knew. ye re destructive
and say "your destructive", ah it's so hurting. and the animal are
treated by ethologist, for the interconnection an outside connection,
quite pedantly, in a Metaphorest as Ch would have said. your idea starts
get interesting ! thkks.  because tomrmented by and I don't remember
Panthesillee, she is so sorry what she's done, because the other have
told her Achillus friend had been killed by "her" dogs. She, oh: do you
know that Kleist was antisemic?? The chorus, the old friends, all tell
her: she's lost her mind, etc. they have a way to relate to the
becoming, that Deleuze examplified in his book and now Ethology seem to
undertsand this: they have a mission, and the wrecked heart would
imagine it's a molecular flow, but it's a beautifulk mission. they do
this so a great audience of scientist will now relate to animal vegetal,
minerals, in a more philosophical way. what's great. Deleuze really
ashieved something on this point. WAOW I wish ihad done such point in
advance Ethology

I miss you today, sorry could not be .;(

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 14:12:55 -0800 (PST), "Mark Crosby"
<Crosby_M at rocketmail.com> said:
> --- Chris Chapman <chapman0603 at rogers.com> wrote:
> > Mark, this is great, gets to my subsequent
> > compare/contrast D&G to Bourdieu on the meaning of
> > Labov's research. Kester is right abt the 'cosmic
> > memory' but his is a trivializing mention.
> I'm not knocking (on Heaven's Door ?) the 'cosmic
> memory', just the claim that only the elite would have
> any access (although I must confess to often getting
> an 'access denied' - like, uh, when I try to recall
> Labov ;) 
> > Do you have any ideas abt Modernist ethologists, or
> > moments of this?
> > Chris
> Funny! just did a Google search on 'Modernist
> ethologists' and the first thing to pop up was Craig
> Smith's "Across the widest gulf: nonhuman subjectivity
> in Virginia Woolf's FLUSH" at
> http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0403/is_3_48/ai_102274349
> And another interesting pop-up was Milan Jaros'
> "Ethological knowledge maps of liminal territories" at
> Http://limen.mi2.hr/limen1-2001/milan_jaros.html -
> which bounces the quasi-objects of Brian Cantwell
> Smith off the geo-philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari.
> I got the impression that Kester thinks of 'the
> environment' as something 'external' that the
> community may simply work its will upon.. 
> I'm not too current on ethology (except for the zoo I
> work in ;) but was recently reading "Anticipatory
> Systems" by the late relational biologist Robert Rosen
> - portions available in the first issue of _BioTheory:
> An E-Journal of General Science in the Rosennean
> Complexity Paradigm_ at
> http://www.rosen-enterprises.com/RobertRosen/BioTheoryLaunch.htm
> and was struck by what Rosen says, that since
> scientific models - particularly those of
> sociobiologists - "explicitly forbid present change of
> state to depend on future states, we will be driven to
> understand the behavior of such a system in a purely
> reactive mode" - that is, in a dialectic of opposing
> terms.
> Also recently watched the video _Party Monsters_ -
> does that qualify as ethological research? - Mark
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> > --- Sylvie Ruelle <sylvieruelle at earthlink.net>
> > wrote:
> > > lucy,
> > > i think the text is false but related to your
> > > discussion with chris. deleuze does talk about
> > > minorities, whereas this "don't go with the flow"
> > > text say's he does not. deleuze and guattari, for
> > > example, speak of black panthers...
> > 
> > When I mentioned cartoons and comic strips to Sid I
> > wasn't thinking of the sort of caricature that Grant
> > Kester draws of Deleuze and Guattari at
> >
> http://digitalarts.ucsd.edu/~gkester/Essays/Deleuze.htm
> > What a bordelloan Deleuze in drag! Beautiful souls,
> > "monadic subjects", "treating the artist as an ideal
> > being" with elite access to the "cosmic memory", "a
> > kind of universalized bohemianism" that is somehow
> > ONLY "determined by internal rather than external
> > differentiation... sealed from discursive
> > interaction with the external world"!
> > 
> > "this mode of being", Kester says, referring to the
> > body without organs, "is offered as something yet to
> > be achieved. It does not currently exist, except in
> > fragmented and dispersed forms (as in art-making or
> > schizophrenia, for example)". Oh, well, of course
> > THOSE don't count! 
> > 
> > Poor Deleuze, "He is left with the problem of how
> > his monadic subjects might communicate or form
> > political or social alliances" given that "aesthetic
> > force ... can only operate in rare moments of
> > spontaneous political action, effectively excluding
> > and marginalizing many forms of resistance that have
> > made political change possible in the past" -- like
> > the Black Panthers, I suppose.. 
> > 
> > Final panel: Bigfoots rush into the rain forest
> > beating their breasts and singing, "Some of us are
> > prisoners and some of us are guards".. fade to
> > voice-over:
> > "Participation must be thought of in a completely
> > positive way, not on the basis of an eminent gift,
> > but on the basis of a formal community that allows
> > the distinction of essences to subsist"
> (_Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza_ 174)
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