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It does not strike me that the event is able to remain 'intact' through an archiver. So the question is: What remnants are we left with when we are confronted by texts that show a 'fidelty' to the event?  I speak here of 'fidelty' with reference with Badiou.  Badiou admits that he is attempting to showing fidelis to May68, but wonders whether the event has, in a sense, closed, since it lacks a name, it is still refered to after all as the event of MAY68. I am not sure. One would hope that one is able to catch a glimpse of the remnant, a glimpse of the remainder, and perhaps this is what we see in the works of Deleuze, Guattari, Ranciere, Badiou. It seems that in Badiou's work it is precisely the subject that is the remnant of the event and this seems to work with what I have said about catching a glimpse, but what then? This is my problem, as I am sure it is for others.  This could however explain the seductive quality of certain works but also objects and people...the glimpse of the remnant.


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> in my way to mark's post on gravity i peal past
> chapters and stumbles cross your syd your note on May
> 68
> it's well and i like the idea of asking
> how do you about may68 is there a way to grasp an
> event that (it's a secret may68 i talk ) is it still
> alive or actualised in memories
> do you know if Deleuze or Foucault they thought that
> the event was kept in the archives, if it was a
> problem for Foucault to redistribute the evnt, like a
> tiny molecular revolution as 68 or like Pasteur's
> invention to rabia? is there a way by talking the
> event can be presented "intact" by the Archiver? ---

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