[D-G] as a form of limited answer to Liza's: Critques

adline vanlindenbergh bisouxnoursfast at fastmail.fm
Sun Feb 27 20:33:01 PST 2005

Yes, Liza: accurate date of the money transfer 
is shown a below:
05 /02 /12
100$ were sent to :

Account Name: Lucy Strawkhassler
Account n°: 45015845825
routing : 321171185

Beneficiary Address
4785 Chestnut Ave
Rowland Heights
CA 91748

Dear Liza,

I am drinking a bit in a Cafe and this is what I have told you after
thinking "she msut need this", I am now proud of it and sending it
Despite being very nerd poetry, it is a letter and in this respect is
deserving your natural gentleness in carrying such absurd situation I
seem to carry by my nonchalence in sending "drunk" e-mails: 

so, Liza:

So far I have been writing all of my previous mails in a Youth Hostel
set in a luxiourous landscape in South of the Island, thus: in a small
hostel in Schirmoonighoog (check spelling Lol), north of the
I have a laptop connected with me, to a wall socket. I am writing all my
mails on different lists as I told you privately. My hands are buzzing
with various speeds, my main interest with Deleuze and Guattari server,
to express slowly my idea is that is that I don't know the people
exactly reading this (except you Liza!) so : while they are reading my
mails, my hands "think", not my brains, so that I can, thanks to a small
"Spyware" a friend has sent me a while ago for my personal amusement,
and for the small ammount of 2127 Euros a month, with this I can set
their IP Address in a wire of mine, then a Site from Switzerland, in
Zurich, transfers loads of datas to my computer, which they have just
visited by reading this, and some Informations on their computers are
appearing then manually. And among those files I can find here there is
a certain software which can open all documents that they have on their
"hard" drives, any files they have on internal disks can be "abstracted"
from the Spyware, or read by my own computer. This is sending to another
computer anadvertisment explaining the interaction existing between at
least two computers. It then (the ad) becomes capable of more than on
Spywaring sediment that it drops in an unknown zone of their computer. A
Ghost, a Phantom Unzip tracking "flea", which can slow Cache in normal
characters what I was
just expecting answers, it provides me I am explaining now with a
plethora of paranoid ideas how to write my mails, and thus to expect
from myself less concentration and less anguish from the interaction
setting in me when I feel the reader being "spyed" by the Zurich
terminal. This is the paranoia which can be quite interesting to
develop, or rather counter-territorialising to unfathom in me. I am at
the moment reading a mail by one Internaut Client, using a simple
Anonymiser easily cracked by a fluorescent tablet PC pen on the List, a
fluorescent neon shining on the tablet PC desktop:  my capacities of
disk storage are used, my whole saturated disk, is used with it, it's
components are exhausted, it's not working very fast but the processor
is a Celeron Penthium IV with Ethernet and Intel IBM operated Chipset
and a 3Band Graphic 64VSRAM  so when I go to the Zurich Connections (I
am carrying them everywhere) I try so that I go with a BlueTooth
Connector, and the light illuminated to the Cafe I am used to write the
screen imperfect typos and grammar accuracies, and the waitress who is
so maniaco-depressive was ressenting my glasses falling on my nose, I
observed my eyes describing me how she went to the Bar away from me, and
poured me a 12 years old Armagnace which was so onctuous Liza, then I
started dreaming about you and saw you on the were chatting with
someone: a severe oscilliation was grabbing me by the arm it was the
Bluetooth Connector and in total anonymity it was going to tell me who
is who? on the list, when a Giant Helicopter passed as a small logo on
the Tablet I had left somwhere in the Bar. It was ISBD32.dll missing
files which puzzled me. So far, I was writing to you as one who is
always talking to you sometimes: Sid Littlefield is this person that I
would like to qualify and understand. Let me clarify my impressions on
this person that I wish to study : Sid Littlefield: I know she is not
like a Baby Chimp, and it's too simple I would be interested again in
studying her sensitivity to Spywares, even if it's feeding poses
problems. I have to expose later all the problems. and the ISBD32.dll
files because I have this Spyware. It cuts the whole Internet Explorers
in two categories and this is the main source of the conflictuous zones
of empathy in carrying forward this idiotic attention to Syd
Littlefield. Let me tell you I have been nominated by Mister Microsoft
who himself was later in the day contacted by three users of ION
Batteries in a company as councellor. They were all approaching me as
paranoids. It's apathology, a pathetic approach of a Writer's anonymity
on the web. We have a freedom that needs to be scrutinized, and this is
too weird for the present moment to be installed as a main concern for
Microsoft, hence (my guess) the interest for this other companies. 

Spyware: I don't want to make her paranoid because of me. Loops and
Feedbacks are hurting the poor spywared things. Spywares, Virus are in
need of care, not of anti-virus. And they need in this company to
explain me why. I am afraid of them though, they are lovers of the
Night. It's the eternal sunset of the spotless mind. It's studying
people on the Net which can pose an ethical problem to Writers. Internet
or not, I have been influenced deeply by Lucy's interest in Monkeys and
Dogs. That she is not capable to work in a FastFood because her
knowledge of Gondo Minnie is limited is fine with me. She cannot see
herself evolving. It's all non-paranoid communication which distressed
her. That's my impressions on the experiment. But Gondo Minnie she is a
sour cream of a burger. Her years of experiments are still hardknocking
me, as Lucy is probably carrying her in a direction , near Nice, in that
location set so far from my natural temperamant. I am sent I always told
you, a Writer, that makes me want to spy people, and as we are living in
a modern time, I am spying them in this Cafe, and the ISBD32.dll I , I
need to go somebody calls from the Zurich Freeway, it must be the
client. Sorry meet you here same day may-be. Sorry to the other folks on
the list if this was all about my activities and I have had no time
explaining them to your Ghost as I am using a fast processor it should
be said that you always can change your settings, and I won't be able to
trace slow processors. I am going out of the Cafe Liza. Tell me though
if Lucy is with you?


  adline vanlindenbergh
  bisouxnoursfast at fastmail.fm

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