[D-G] (geology chapter): Expression:latin translation: Leibniz about expression

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 23 22:37:40 PST 2005

someone as good enough in Latin that heshe could
translate the following passages wherein Liebniz is
talking about "expression":
    ---                                        ---
     "Exprimere aliquam rem dicitur illud, in quo
habentur habitudines quae habitudinibus rei
exprimendae respondent"

    ---                                        ---

 my (oldschool-memory Latin, was soo so lame for

"To express a certain thing it's to say (if) this
thing in a way that the habits it has, to which
correspond the thing by habituating them to it by

I hav'nt found no dico latin-anglit in lines so but
you might have an excellent Dictionnary at home, it's
just about the same simple understanding constituted
out of the philosophical sense, given in "expression"
here. This passage was part of Leibniz -Quid sit idea,
Gerh. VII, 263.

Another passage 

"Unde patet non esse necessarium ut id quod exprimit
simile sit rei expressae, modo habitudinum quaedam
analogia servetur" Ibid. 264

NB here Leibniz uses the analogical mode of relation
in "expression", not Deleuze's. How does Deleuze call
his "expression", in ATP, is he discussing in it the
way he uses "expression"? 

I am so bad, I look so bad, but it was just that I
hope d to add some documentation, to extend the site
of study towards Leibniz and other in later times.



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