[D-G] (geology chapter): Expression: Pulsated or Not?????help!!!

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Wed Feb 23 20:35:53 PST 2005

a question of Liza:
Pulsation and Pulsated. Help::

But ok 
let me phrase this for you: 

the Expression,
It's an invariant. 

see page 58 ED. de Minuit(s) ATP

Can you people here
 Somebody can explain me, 

                 --why so is it an Invariant?

I have got sorted all the Pragmattic Chapter (the one
after Geology)
But this one, gooosh OMG!OhMyGod...lol

1000Plateaux: Editions de Minuit(s)-P 390-DelGuat:
"sometimes (qualitiative expressions),  non pulsated
motives, appear under a certain fixed form, sometimes
they seem to appear in this manner , but also
sometimes the same, or some other motives,
 are gifted with a variable speed and a
variablearticulation , ; and it is as much their
variability, and  as much as their fixity which makes
them independent ("autonomous ") from the pulsations,
which they  combine, or which they it seems

Why are these motives not pulsated.and sometimes
pulsated?? why is the Expression  relatively an
in the stratas? is it also sometimes a non-pulsated
part in the strata?

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Liza she dies if you don't help her ok?

 Somebody asked me privately: yes these are NOT
"artistic questions". THIS IS SERIOUS SO IF YOU HAVE
)))))Liza asks a good soul to help her(((((( Is the
Invariant part of my spirit? or part of the Variation,
in a Refrain? thanks--

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