[D-G] note about Gondo's evolution in today's experiment

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 17 08:35:38 PST 2005


Dear All

Gondo typed a few words when prompted to thze
computer, then together we read several e-mails and
picked one to which she was getting excited with (she
was showing her signs of excitments to my
collaborators about what she imagined to be humans 
moving inside of the computer), she had asked me
during the day with a sign that we had convened
together that it wanted me to read the intention of
Mark Crosby and Verlaine's answer towards Gondo. It is
possible that she has thought about the e-mail
in-between the time of the lecture and the time she
wrote. She ate as usual ten bananas and drank an oz of
her mother's breast milk.

I told her they (Writers on Drift-line) were acting
for her sake and were like parents of her on the
drift-line environment.

This is what we are guessing , what caused her to
beleive in  Mark and Verlainele fou as
as "gentle" for her. We thought it of interest for
readers of the Gondo text to know the background. Hope
it's not too boring!


PS: we are trying so far not to infer anything from
what we limit ourselves here to observe as concrete
facts in the experiment field. we do not interpret or
analyse (co-ordinate)anything,  at this stage anything
is left as possibly questionnable by the readers of
the experiment as it unfolds right here. But later we
Be sure we will help you to organize your thoughts
around this experiment by adding what you need to know
to understand Gondo and her relationship with the
participants to the list experience.

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