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does good .
Gondo happy in the head
: Lucy explained
 everything to Gondo  about
verlainelefou :

 human is him ,like Master Lucy is, Gondo becomes
 Verlainelefou is very gentle for me.

Gondo- minnie

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> as usual Shapiro  is a literalist and subsequnetly
> reads things as a literary critic and not as a
> philosopher.
> At http://www.shaviro.com/Blog/archives/2004_12.html
> Steve Shaviro blogged Francis Halle's book _In
> Praise
> of Plants_: "Halle emphasizes ... Plant's
> immobility,
> and their ability to photosynthesize has led to
> their
> astonishing biochemistry". Steve adds that "One
> consequence, for me, of _In Praise of Plants_ is
> that
> Deleuze and Guattari's distinction between 
> 'rhizomatic' and 'arborescent' modes or organization
> need to be rethought... D&G are really describing
> both
> the rhizome and the tree in largely zoocentric
> terms... Deleuze does show a somewhat better
> understanding of botany in his treatment of the
> sexuality of flowers in his book on Proust".
> But, Steve suggests that Halle "belittles fungi in
> precisely the same way that he (rightly) accuses
> mainstream biologists of sidelining and belittling
> plants". As we all might wish to know, and
> http://www.lichen.com explains, "Lichens are
> composite, symbiotic organism made up from members
> of
> as many as three kingdoms... [BUT] Reproduction can
> be
> tricky for a compound organism".. 
> And, speaking of "culturated subjected fools", so
> many
> poor animals now seem to have been taken in by the
> oppressive "apparatus of capture"! Read about
> "Non-Human Farmers: Animal agriculture" at
> http://www.itotd.com/index.alt?ArticleID=451 where
> "the insect farmers ... have built complex societal
> structures with task specialization that would put a
> Henry Ford or a Frederick Taylor to shame... The
> insect farmers use specialized chemical called
> pheromones to communicate amongst themselves". Maybe
> their schizophrenia began with these "ideas poopping
> which tried to formalize the tree in a language".
> (They need to get back to nature where they can
> swing
> through the trees with one hand even while their
> babies are jumping on the other !)
> That's why I keep falling back into the theme of
> gravity - like a 041018 space.com article "The
> Problem
> with Gravity" suggesting that "Something was holding
> the probes back ... [This] leaves open staggering
> possibilities that would force wholesale reprinting
> of
> all physics books: * invisible dark matter is
> tugging
> at the probes * Other dimensions create small forces
> we don't understand * Gravity works differently than
> we think" - Galileo and Ulysses are lost in a space
> that warps beyond time - and yet remains tied to the
> Oedipal Sun!
> So we find http://www.bookforum.com/funcke.html and
> "Against Gravity: Bettina Funcke talks with Peter
> Sloterdijk" about his 3-armed trilogy of
> intercallated
> spheres: BUBBLES, GLOBES, and FOAM. Sloterdijk
> erects
> a master stroke -- "my aim is to give a new account
> of
> the history of atmospheres ... They play a central
> role in the development of abundance, which defines
> the open secret of the modern... the heavy turned
> into
> appearance - and the 'essential' now dwells in
> lightness" -- and blows this bubble: "Thus I suggest
> examining the capitalist interiors on their own
> relevant terms, which leads, consequently, to a
> theory
> of foam. What we need today is an 'air-conditioning
> project' for large social entities or a generalized
> 'greenhouse project'". In this ideal hothouse, the
> apes can unlearn their sign language and skip
> groundlessly across the foam (with the Edenic EEK of
> one arm brachiating !)
> Finally, on the Edge, Benoit Mandelbrot talks about
> "A
> Theory of Roughness", his fascination with the
> boundaries of Brownian motion, the discovery of the
> fractal dimension of 4/3, and his insistence that
> mathematics must have an empirical basis: "And even
> if
> it had been reached by pure thought, how could
> anyone
> have proceeded to the dimension 4/3? To bring this
> topic to life it was necessary for the Antaeus of
> Mathematics to be compelled to touch his Mother
> Earth,
> if only for one fleeting moment... I did not and
> don't
> plan any general theory of roughness, because I
> prefer
> to work from the bottom up and not from the top to
> bottom"..
> These are my leaves of grass. BUTT, humping along,
> probably I misunderstand your prOject, or am trying
> to
> transmute it into something else, and later I will
> try
> and see if I can still get out and climb a tree!
> Mark or splat!
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