[D-G] Nota Bene on Becoming Plants--

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 15 14:47:33 PST 2005

 Nota Bene:

It seems regarding the links on becoming plants that
you gave that most of the people relating to the
plants, either mystics of 16th century or analysts of
post DG years, they all relate to becoming of plants,
even Morris herselve, looks as if a plants but such as
they become only a cultural object. 

 It's not becoming plants, thus, yeah, it's just
culturated plants that have been FORMATED in the
categories of the civilas-ed otherly the(Signifiant)
humanoids minds, and it's emptying redudant concepts ,
all repetitive mindset in concept among theorists
theories that sets agendas and controls it's power
like a cousin monkey-of man, only  obeying to the
stick of a peasant in the wilderness of the steppe,
still sorrowfull about the sufferingqs it endured in
the Forest from which it stems like a stawlk. I want
something else for you my cousin, you my monkey, my
Man. I want you to be a MAN and a Father just like me,
Lucy Strawnhassler. I want you to be a fostering sons
of my familly. The Strawnhassler are a big line of
event on this steppe. Unlike Greeks thought of MAN
they are good people, and well versed in Philosophical
matters, contemplating subjects and objects, and
gentle here walking on the steppe. Monkeys are only
obeying to Man's sticks (Faciality and Techniques of
Power) though on this steppe. Alas! For They do not
think! They are just culturated subjected fools of
which minds has been set by intrusion of bacteries, or
by others, insaminated by the stick if you want, they
only know a limited set of forces, the forces of the
stick if you want it again, but that's already an
evolution in the evolution, some might be saying among
them, an evolUtion which can elect them as
supremesuperiro mammals. Well look at it this way
then, that's what we think in the Zagreb Labs after
having experienced affection for our monkeys.

the results of our theories in the labs on Monkeys,
will be shown, will be showing up very soon here.

Sincere Warm-Up

Lucy, Co-OrdinatOr.

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