[D-G] Oedipian Representation of Vegetals, and EXAMPLE 2: the grass as it represented in Bambi

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A scholar and specialist in Bakhtin and Derrida, Vadim
Linetsky produced several articles of quality in the
old dg list at spoon collective during the 1997

it was hot and we started elaborating about Mickey. He
took my interest by the hand because he saw Mickey was
a kind of becoming-mice (with Minnie and Dingo the

be it of Walt Disney or the audience becoming mice. He
was counterargued by an other scholar of this very
scholar populated list, and it was said that, and the
argument was close to Morris describing the Vegetables
in Popular American Movie (see Marc's mail for
The animal followed the pattern, in Mickey and Minnie
of the antropocentric tyranic to mice, phallocratic
also i say here phallocratic mind of Disney and Pixar
(see Shrek 2 for shock therapy, no the twenty first
century is a phallocentric century, anyway
representations of mice do not have shown any their
conceptors open-minded serious interest for a
population of mice. They could have been just as fun,
but with a bit of interest for the study of animal
becoming and packs of mammals like mice, the audience
would have made a step on the Bergsonian tree of
evolution. Instead animation as they succeeded one
after an other made children regress, and Finding Nemo
is dangerous for minorities in the brain and outside
the individual molarised consciousnesses around.

But to this Linetsky had a brilliant idea, and it was
that America was not so much interested by figuring
the affects in thoughts that might be the result of
the popularity of these packs of mice answering to
charming facialities and nicknames (Mickey-Minnie),
but it was, American Culture and Mass Enterprises of
Repression by "Culture" had weird, alcoholic sort to
speak vectors crossing trnasversally quite slowly but
making the reality of the hyper-perceptivity of Mickey
a kind of a negative icon, capable to destroy the very
segments of the Unconscious of Capitalism (as it
exists in it's steppe when the forest fights to enter
backwards to the steppe [cfr.episode 2 of
LordofTheRings when the tree start walking, just for
fun of making a weird move there], And thus destroys
Mickey the foundations of all or several parts of
oedipianism, as we humans in our ghetto have vented as
our standards of society and social relation. Mickey
for Vadim Linetsky, the image of Mickey, it's lack of
animality is the way Hollywood de-oedipianises the
non-philosopher from what he has to say, so that it
can become less-philosopher, and thus have new ideas,
start thinkings because it deterritorialise it's
relation to the packs of mice you dig? (positive
affects instead of the nightmarous forest in Snow
White with sad faces.

--now about some other more positive notions

Now I want to elaborate on the grass that exist
in-between Bambi's feet when she jumps near her Mother
gives milk to her mouth, and talk with her in the
Forest. Bambi looks suddenly at the grass and we are
seized by something which our gangsters of the human
kind call love, maternal love, love of the kid for her

But how could had this been made viable in the
conditions of the time, in the studios in the
twenties? I think studdying these drawing will enable
one to get a closer inspection of how Art itself, i am
not talking about Culture, but Art, because Walt
Disney is one of the best artist of our countries. And
an artist like this has ideas on the elements that he
wishes to study, and which can tell a lot often about
the state of existence where the becomings foster and
hamper at their best. I have chosen to study the
appaerance of the grass by the way it was layout in

The grass is very green, very fluorescent. A real
effort was made within the staging of the foreground
to delineate short grass from longer grass, and
flowers from rocks and weeds. The grass while still
drawn as caricaturated freestyle blades and integrated
in the bottom staging area , was painted in two
separated dark-value tones, pulling certain blades of
grass forward. These innovation gave the appearances
of a more enriched landscape.

I hope it was just an idea, not an idea juste.
an idea that is not confronting to the dominant
Lucy Strawkhassler

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