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Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 15 13:28:41 PST 2005

 OKAY Mark C.

Here we have got problems with the two exp labs and
can not answer fully, sorry.

First we thought about mentioning the work of
Ethologist A.L.B. who deserves to remain anonymous in
our labs at Zagreb. He wishes to inform you personnaly
that is to say, that when I went out of the forest, in
Aethypya that is, that wass actually; well, more than
about the period-length :one million years, this is 
ago, not just a serie of number(!)I actually could see
my parents not missing a branch when i was jumping in
their arms from a tree to another. But when I got
really disconnected, I lost the accuracy, or the
automatism that linked me, (oedipialised me?) to
jumping between things, and my brain went
distabilised. I personnaly think schizophrenia has
started for me this day that my brains lost any
automated answer to the feeling of the trees and, for
example initiated a theory about it's essence
suddenly, or I saw ideas poopping which tried to
formalise the tree in a language that later my
descendants called Philosophy or Science, etc, and
understood , gradually though, something which took
the various areas like the different disciplines, like
Geography, History, as essentially distinct, etc. in
the disciplinar societies of Bonapartes and followers.
In this light i think the female "Ludivine", my wife,
could be regarded as a part of my life because I am
fighting against this schizophrenia and try to
remember my past in the forest when I look -up- at her
own past with me I am melting in souvernirs, in
memories, which might be becomings according to
"memories of a witch" ideas that memory is constituted
by Deleuze's Becomings in ATP, you know. It's a beyond
of schizophrenia if you want, it's may-be still
jumping around?

Again we have two labs down here and we cannot answer
as we think we as humans should. 


Lucy Strawnhassler
Co-Ordinator & delegate at Zagreb Contemporary
Institute in Modern Sciences.

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