[D-G] Lucy, welcome to the age of Lite!

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 15 12:14:44 PST 2005

Dear Mark C.

Of course, it was not in the naturally (?) instituted
habit of the old deleuze-guattari spoon list to answer
to such an generous e-mail as the one you have just
provided the it's subscribers with, as an unanswered
kind of e-mail , and of course!, but, do you know:
unanswered in the manner that i am not about to bring
this e-mail in the way it was forwarded here in this :
indeed i have not read the full dimension of your
-mail, and yet, i am already answering, breaking away
with the analytical inscribed habits of the new drift
line list, even though this is not yet possible, as
this is unknown and thus not yet de-territorialis-ed
relatively. This was not yet certifying that I will
not now read the dimension of your e-mail!

I think that you are confusing indeed or ignoring (by
what degree again?) with measure though the
strategically defiant diversity consistent in the
world of all the plants as they have set methods of
defense against the bacterias populations. In the
scope of such an event, within such an attitude that
we share though in this i admit (productively
progressive) conservative Center (in Zagreb i am
meaning), you would not underevaluate this
productively piotential querry: do not misunderstand
never forget this:the future answer we are producing
at this stage of our reasearsh as a somewhat remote
answer, a unanticipative related answer to the hypest
moods in project that we have in common for the human
race (the sons of Lucy)in various knowledges towards
ideas, ideas of all kinds ( Rennaissance developped
thanks to Aristoteles' ideas btw, them swarming
methods rhizomatically in the previous periods). If
this seems to you to be a kind of reterritorialisation
towards the Phallus, we ask you to see the contrary.
Expecting to defend this perspective, we will wait
till we answer your ignorance after you will have read
our future answer. Apologizes for not being able to
answer in this mail though.

Lucy Strawkhassler (just a coordinator in the)
Mess of the Contemporaneous Institute of the Modern
Sciences as it holds a set in Zagreb and also in
remote parts of Serbia-Montenegro in regions close to
thethe South East of Europe Peninsula: Greece-

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